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Articles on Health and Fitness:

How to Filter Fluoride to Increase Testosterone and Improve Overall Health – A detailed yet as easy as possible guide to filtering fluoride out of your water supply in the cheapest, easiest ways possible.

More Coming Soon.

Best Outside Resources on Health and Fitness:

  • EliteFTS – An excellent website that has many articles written by top-level strength and conditioning coaches.
  • Breaking Muscle – Another website that has a lot of quality articles on strength and conditioning.
  • Powerlifting To Win Program Review Series – If you need any ideas for your next routine, this is one of the better compilations of various weight lifting programs.
  • – A website that compiles all known studies on various supplements and nutritional subjects.
  • Layne Norton – A bodybuilder/powerlifter and PhD who provides excellent information on fitness and nutrition. His website costs money but his videos are free.

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