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All of the below are resources that are thoroughly vetted and approved by Western Mastery.


Basic Economics – Learn real economics in logical yet simple terms by one of the greatest economic masterminds of all time, Thomas Sowell. Very, very highly recommended book. It’s a long read, but easily one of the most important books you’ll ever read. I recommend listening to the Audiobook in your car, which can be found in that link.

Anything by Robert Greene – Mastery, The 33 Strategies of War, The 48 Laws of Power, The Art of Seduction, and The 50th Law. It’s hard to pick a winner of all of these, but for me, it was Mastery and 48 Laws of Power.

The Art of the Deal – Trump’s book will teach you a lot about persuasion, deal making, business, and now that he’s in office, politics.

The SAS Survival Handbook – Learn how to really survive. This is one of the best survival books on the market.


Extra Strength DIM 250mg – DIM is a potent antioxidant naturally found in broccoli and kale that reduces the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, among other things. It is a little-known supplement that is important to take in our estrogen-filled environment. Read the research here.

Nature’s Trove L-Theanine 200 mg – L-theanine has been proven to promote relaxation, and has a host of similar benefits. It is the natural component in green tea. This is by far the cheapest brand out there that is still very high quality. The 365 count only costs about $24. Read the research here.

NOW Vitamin D-3 5000IU Softgels – A very high-quality brand for an extremely important vitamin. Vitamin D is considered by most health professionals in-the-know to be one the most important vitamins you can take. This product is appropriately dosed (at least 5000 IU a day is needed for most people if their levels are low) and it is in extra-virgin olive oil gel caps, a healthy oil that makes it easier for the Vitamin D to absorb without requiring an additional fat source.

Aquagear Reverse Osmosis Water Pitcher – A water pitcher that actually removes fluoride and is free of BPA (a xenoestrogen). There’s a few of them of them on the market. This is the one that I use and recommend. The advantage of getting a pitcher is that you can use them anywhere you go, instead of having to install a reverse osmosis filter in your home. No matter what you do, you should filter out water because water fluoridation is dangerous and is widespread throughout America and a handful of other nations.

Phantom 3 Drone – If you are interested in flying a drone, this is the best one for beginners. Read the article on drone flying here. Drone flying is a cool hobby that is potentially very rewarding if you’re into photography and/or videography.

Manosphere Websites: – A conglomerate site of all Manosphere pages.

Rollo Tomassi – The best Manosphere writer on sexual dynamics. Get his new book, Positive Masculinity, here.

Chateau Heartiste – Grandmaster shitlord Roissy, going almost ten years strong now, is the master of telling inconvenient truths and game advice in a way that only he can express.

Return of Kings – A conglomeration of Manosphere articles. Quality can vary slightly since there are many writers, but most of the articles range from good to great.

Charles Sledge – A Manosphere writer that gives practical, daily advice for men.

My Latin Life – A site that has many resources on living overseas all over Latin America.

Nomadic Hustle – Another very informative site mostly on living in Latin America; particularly in Colombia. He also has a lot of good information on nootropics such as Modafinil.

AJA Cortes – One of the best resources around for fitness advice and healthy living, along with practical life tips and information. Unlike many health sites, he is not afraid to touch on subjects such as xenoestrogens, soy, and so forth.

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