Approved Resources

All of the below are resources that are thoroughly vetted and approved by Western Mastery.


Basic Economics – Learn real economics in logical yet simple terms by one of the greatest economic masterminds of all time, Thomas Sowell. Very, very highly recommended book. It’s a long read, but easily one of the most important books you’ll ever read. I recommend listening to the Audiobook in your car, which can be found in that link.

Anything by Robert Greene – Mastery, The 33 Strategies of War, The 48 Laws of Power, The Art of Seduction, and The 50th Law. It’s hard to pick a winner of all of these, but for me, it was Mastery and 48 Laws of Power.

The Art of the Deal – Trump’s book will teach you a lot about persuasion, deal making, business, and now that he’s in office, politics.

The SAS Survival Handbook – Learn how to really survive. This is one of the best survival books on the market.


NOW L-Theanine 200 mg – L-theanine has been proven to increase your focus and decrease stress. It is the natural component in green tea. This is the best brand that I am aware of.

Aquagear Reverse Osmosis Water Pitcher – A water pitcher that actually removes fluoride and is free of BPA (a xenoestrogen). There’s a few of them of them on the market. This is the one that I use and recommend. The advantage of getting a pitcher is that you can use them anywhere you go, instead of having to install a reverse osmosis filter in your home. No matter what you do, you should filter out water because water fluoridation is dangerous and is widespread throughout America and other nations.

Phantom 3 Drone – If you are interested in flying a drone, this is the best one for beginners. Read the article on drone flying here.

Manosphere Websites: – A conglomerate site of all Manosphere pages.

Rollo Tomassi – The best Manosphere writer on sexual dynamics. Get his new book, Positive Masculinity, here.

Chateau Heartiste – Grandmaster shitlord Roissy, going almost ten years strong now, is the master of telling inconvenient truths and game advice in a way that only he can express.

Return of Kings – A conglomeration of Manosphere articles. Quality can vary slightly since there are many writers, but most of the articles range from good to great.

Charles Sledge – A Manosphere writer that gives practical, daily advice for men.

My Latin Life – A site that has many resources on living overseas in Latin America.

Nomadic Hustle – Another very informative site on living overseas, particularly in Latin America.

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