Western Mastery is a website owned and developed by Joe Luger.

Western Mastery strengthens and educates men amidst the cultural and political chaos that has become the Western world. We push the lifestyle of being a man who is balanced and who always seeks knowledge and development in real-world skills and masculine hobbies. We also educate on real-world issues that affect men.

Masculinity, logic, self-development, and freedom are all supported here. This is both a mindset and a way of life.

There is no keyboard jockeying here. The author does not claim to be a master in every subject. However, the author does claim to be a man who attains skills and knowledge from countless disciplines and spends most of his free time doing so.

Men who can learn from and contribute to the wisdom on this website are welcome from anywhere in the world. Much of the advice here appliesĀ to men everywhere. However, this site is primarily focused on Western men and Western events.

Politically, Joseph Luger is concerned with freedom before anything else. Therefore he sees himself primarily as a pragmatic libertarian, but one who believes in strong borders. Your political views may differ from Western Mastery, but productive, rational debate is always encouraged.

Social Justice Warriors, far-left liberalism and general degeneracy are not welcome here. This site is for real men who want to change their lifestyle for the better in a culture poisoned by Cultural Marxism.

And finally, two disclaimers:

Certain products linked here are affiliate links. Everything has been researched and vetted by the author (unless specifically stated otherwise). Reader trust is important, so everything here that is recommended is high quality, useful, and appropriately priced.

Also, no medically related advice on Western Mastery is a replacement for well-informed advice by your doctor. Be smart about what you put in your body.

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