Why You Should Take Pride In Going Against the Crowd

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard statements like these recently. And no, I don’t voluntarily hang out with these types of people.

I won’t use the black-and-white thinking that a lot of people get sucked into. So I will say that when you explain any ambitions to your average person, many of them think it’s weird. Most of them would rather go home and jerk off to porn and watch Netflix or some other nonsense. They have no ambition to put in the real work to improve their situation in life.

Of the ones who are impressed by the things you may do, most of them make no attempt to do it themselves. “I need to do something like that” is usually as far as it goes. Their position in life reveals a lot of what you need to know about them.

Most of them can’t possibly understand a single man traveling to a country to explore it all on his own (I usually leave the “bang a bunch of foreign women” part out in polite company). Or a grown man taking most of his free time improving himself and/or building a business. Or a  man reading a book rather than bullshitting about things that don’t matter.

If you give a damn about your life, you will go against the grain in modern Western society. You’ll go against the wage-slave and consumer mentality that almost everyone maintains. It’s simply the state of society that we live in.

This is why I have said that masculinity is the counterculture of our era. To be the kind of man many of our grandfathers were is to be against mainstream culture.

Human nature is to segregate by tribes and ostracize those who don’t fit in. Unfortunately, today’s average person believes in many of the Cultural Marxist beliefs that have been ingrained into their brain since they were young. They buy into the life of inadequacy and can never see themselves doing anything else.

So any time you hear criticism by someone who is weaker, less ambitious, and in a lower place in life than you out of their own laziness, take it as a badge of honor.

Any time someone thinks that you’re weird for doing something like reading, training in the gym religiously, or self-improving in any other way instead of doing what they consider “normal,” laugh it off. People can criticise you for anything, so they might as well criticise you for doing something useful.

I’m not saying live your life as a self-improvement junkie who never applies his knowledge in the real world, and definitely not as an “MGTOW” who vows to never have sex with women again. But if you would rather spend most of your free time in relative solitude working on a big project than going out doing something useless, you’re doing it right. Just make sure your life balances itself out eventually.

And lastly, find your tribe and build your network. Only hang out with people who will help you advance your goals in life. Make friends with people who are better than you at something that you want to be good at. Just understand that relationships are transactional and add value to their lives.

Hunter Drew and Craig James have developed what I think is an early but very smart idea with their Fraternity of Excellence. I can’t say I’ve used it, but I definitely like the idea they’ve established. Establishing yourself with a network of like-minded men that push you to the next level sounds like an excellent return on one’s investment.

I’ll conclude by saying that this has been a slow month for Western Mastery while I work on some other projects. More will be on the way in the near future. Until then, check out some of my favorite books I’ve read this past year and follow me on Twitter if you haven’t already.

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