Eight of The Most Insightful Tweets of 2017

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While trolling Twitter this year, I decided to save some of my favorite tweets.

I’m a huge proponent of the fact that one tweet, sentence in a book, or seemingly simple lesson can cause a dramatic mindset shift if it hits you at the right time and if you put the effort to integrate it into your worldview.

Even though Twitter is leftist as hell and I can’t wait to see the day it pays for its censorship and political bias, I love its simplicity. I love small tidbits of information and wisdom. They’re easily digestible and can quickly teach you something about a subject that you didn’t know before. Often times, you’ll realize things that you may have been close to understanding, but haven’t quite defined yet.

All of these tweets struck me in some way. They all either taught me something new, inspired me, better-defined something I already thought I knew, or are just included because they’re good lessons.

Additionally, all of these people are absolutely worth following on Twitter if you don’t already. I look forward to all of their content in the next year and beyond.

Now let’s begin.

I love this Veritas gentleman’s tweets. His wisdom is excellent.

If you have a good grip on how the world works and you don’t blindly do what everyone else is doing, you will see opportunities that few will see. Seize the opportunity by following through with appropriate knowledge (information through books and/or some other type of training) and, just as importantly, decisive action.

This one resonated with me because I have a strong disdain for following the crowd, and I generally consider myself someone who thinks outside the box. This is one of those conclusions I was close to arriving at but hadn’t quite defined yet.

I had to put in a Robert Greene tweet here.

Your mindset is reflected in your actions, whether you realize it or not. For this reason and many others, you must get your physical, mental, and financial well-being in order. It’s only then that you can achieve true personal freedom.

Always remember that your mindset affects your actions in potentially subtle ways, especially when tested.

Let’s say you hold a day job, you knowingly fucked something up, and you have to speak with your “boss” (I’ve never used that term, but many use it willingly) about it. You’re going to be a lot more nervous if you think you have few other financial options. If you have options, you will be much calmer and collected when you’re tested in a situation like this, and the outcome will much more likely be in your favor.

This has been said a lot, but it still can’t be said enough.

Stop apologizing. In the overwhelming majority of cases, as long as you’re not physically harming people, you have nothing to apologize for.

Donald Trump doesn’t apologize. Love him or hate him, he came out of nowhere to become the president of the United States. Do you think he’d be where he is today if he apologized when he was grilled by Megyn Kelly about political correctness, or in any other situation against the permanently offended left? He wouldn’t. His very existence is offensive to them.

People don’t respect weak men. Apologizing needlessly makes you appear weak. If you appear weak, people treat you like you are weak.

There are many who always want an apology because they play the permanent victim role. They will attempt to exploit any guilt you may have because of what politically correct society says you should feel guilty for. They do this because it’s effective for them, and because they are making up for their many shortcomings.

Take “sorry” out of your vocabulary unless it’s a truly serious offense. “Mistakes were made” is a better phrase to utilize. You can also say “my mistake” to acknowledge a minor error while not otherwise acting apologetic, especially if someone tries to shame you or demand an apology.

Get the message yet? Live your life with no apologies.

This tweet is excellent and pretty self-explanatory.

I’ll add this: people who don’t know you see how you present yourself “as-is” and judge you accordingly. They don’t know how hard you’ve worked behind the scenes to get to the level you’re at.

The easier things seem to be for you, the more jealous others tend to be of you. It’s especially true in situations where your strengths strongly contrast against their weaknesses.

Anyway, Ed Latimore is one of the smartest, most engaging Twitter users I’ve seen. He knows the value of giving back to his audience — he drives up engagement by responding to as many people as he can, he meets with his followers in person, and just, in general, he knows how to add value to any discussion.

Plus he’s just an interesting, insightful guy. I predict his following will more than double going into 2019. If you’re not following him on Twitter yet, you should start now.

Black Label Logic has a lot of solid tweets as well. Great handle name too.

Indeed, anger is a great motivator. If you channel your emotions in the right direction you can use them productively to accomplish your goals.

I will also add that a lot of people are hesitant to allow others to manipulate their emotional state. For better or worse, those who are less afraid of this have more power because they are more willing to fight and manipulate others. If someone is more willing to engage, they have the advantage in many social situations, especially when they must negotiate.

Put in another way, deciding that you’ll let someone win because “you’d rather not argue with them today” gives them the upper ground. A lot of this depends on your limits, though. You may allow someone to get away for a one-time minor offense but you may choose to call them out for multiple minor offenses or one major one. Just food for thought.

Simple and motivational. The best way to get past procrastinating on something you need to do is to say “fuck it” and just do the damn thing. I like to get the things I don’t want to do out of the way first thing in the day.

This is also true about going to the gym on days where you don’t feel 100%. I’ve been guilty of pushing a day back occasionally, but on most days I don’t feel 100% but my muscles are recovered well enough, I just force myself to get in there anyway. I’ve never felt bad about a day I had to force myself into the gym.

Most know Nothing about Tree Top Combat

Even Fewer about Commanding The High Branches

Few will Ever Talk About This

Myself included, Mr. Clarey. All of my Christmas gifts this year, save maybe one or two, have been legitimately useful things focused primarily on health and information as opposed to mindless consumerism.

With this said, you really want to identify who could use what book and who will actually read it. Harass them a bit to get started if you have to. Even if they barely read the book, at least you can put the main idea of the book in their head.

For instance, giving someone a copy of Side Hustle can give them the idea that they don’t need to get all of their money from their day job. If they really follow it through, they will get some excellent advice to get a side business going.

It’s not always easy to motivate people, but it’s definitely worthwhile to figure out who’s motivated to change and to give them the appropriate information to change their life. If you gave a family member a book that helped him get out of a shitty job he hated, then virtually anything else you could give him would only pale in comparison to that gift.


I hope you got as much out of these Tweets as I did. All of these gentlemen are worth following as well if you haven’t already.

Hopefully these tweets along with my analysis helped you enhance your mindset in some way. But perhaps most importantly, this will help build your scapular strength for high-stakes treetop combat.

Anyway, happy (early) New Year everyone. Aside from a prolonged illness after my South America journey and the death of my father not long after, 2017 has been an excellent year for me.

Both Western Mastery and another project I’m working on are not quite as far as I’d like, but that’s not an issue. Both projects are in place to really take off. And otherwise, my mindset, knowledge, physicality, and productivity have all significantly improved this year.

And that’s the way it should be — if you’re truly on the road of accomplishment, certain setbacks might slow you down a bit, but they should never drag you down for long.

I suspect 2018 will be the year where things really start rolling. Hopefully you can say the same about your life.

If not, what are you waiting for?

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