17 Very Useful, No-Bullshit, Non-Consumerist Products for Men

I’m not a fan of mindless consumerism.

I’m not a total minimalist, but I’ve cut out as much nonsense as I possibly can from my life. My possessions support my hobbies, and everything else has pretty much been thrown out. The type of stuff that I buy is largely reflected below.

Therefore, this is a list of useful, no-bullshit, non-consumerist gift ideas for men. When I say “consumerist,” I mean useless stuff that will just waste your time and money.

These items are great for you to “gift” yourself as a man, as well. I can personally vouch for all of these products unless I state otherwise.


Reading is perhaps the best ROI you can get for your time and money if you act upon the knowledge within.

I have read many books this year. My overall recommendations are below.

Note: All of these books are in audiobook format as well. You can get two free Audiobooks if you sign up for a free month with Audible. If you cancel the subscription before the month is over, the audiobooks are still yours to keep and you will have paid nothing.

If you don’t cancel, it’s $14.95 a month after that for an audiobook every month. You can read my article on Audible here.

Win Bigly by Scott Adams

Win Bigly is an excellent book on persuasion, marketing, and politics. It follows many of the events of Donald Trump’s campaign and early presidency. This is a very fun read that will give you a ton of high-level tips on marketing and persuasion.

Read the review here.

You can buy Win Bigly here.

Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell

This is an absolutely excellent book on economics. It’s very long, but it explains in-depth economic concepts in easily understandable detail.

This book is also great when you want to explain basic economic principles to liberals. I’ve done it multiple times (believe it or not). They either believe the information within, or it triggers intense cognitive dissonance.

I really mean it; this is one of the best books you’ll ever read. Just read the reviews on Amazon.

Protip: Because of the length of this book, I recommend listening to it once through in audiobook format during your commutes. Again, with Audible, you can sign up for the trial, get the audiobook (and one other) for free, then cancel the subscription within 30 days and you’ll still keep the audiobook and you won’t get charged anything.

Then, buy a hard copy for reference. I have given away multiple copies of this book and I’m giving away a few more copies this year.

Buy Basic Economics here.

The Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi

I can think of few better Christmas gifts for a man than to teach him about masculinity and the realities of the sexual marketplace.

The Rational Male is easily among the best ways to teach a man these unpleasant but essential truths.

I read and reviewed Rollo Tomassi’s most recent book, Positive Masculinity. If you want to Red Pill someone, The Rational Male series is excellent. If they have no background in Red Pill knowledge, they should read the first book.

You can buy The Rational Male here. You can also buy Positive Masculinity here.

More Books

The above were my top three recommended books for this year. As an avid reader, however, I have many more suggestions for informational self-improvement type books.

You can find them here and here. These articles are definitely worth the (quick) read if you’re looking for something more.

Health-Related Gifts:

There are many toxins in our environment that make us unhealthy; especially ones that unknowingly poison us and/or reduce our testosterone levels.

Most of these suggestions are oriented towards avoiding these toxins and for improving general health.

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

The Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher is excellent.

This is the cheapest, most portable, best overall way to remove 90%+ of fluoride in your water, plus many other contaminants such as lead and chlorine. It’s BPA-free, it filters very well, and it makes the water taste pure and delicious.

Filter replacements cost $49.95 and are recommended every six months or so. This is a very reasonable price considering how effective and long-lasting these filters are. Brita filters, for instance, do not filter out nearly as many contaminants as Aquagear’s products, and they definitely don’t remove fluoride.

Fluoride is absolutely something you should pay attention to. It is a neurotoxin that has very poor effects on your health, and it is in approximately 70% of municipal water in the United States.

It’s especially important to pay attention to if you have kids because it can cause long-term neurological impairments in children! You can find a ton of heavily-researched information on fluoride in this article.

You can buy The Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher here.

Note that the more expensive and more time consuming, yet moderately more effective option to remove fluoride is to buy an installable Reverse Osmosis Filter. I have no personal experience with this item. It’s very highly reviewed and among the cheapest highly rated reverse osmosis systems you can find.

Propur Showerhead Filter

The Propur Showerhead Filter removes approximately half of fluoride and entirely removes a lot of other harmful chemicals as well, such as chlorine. You absorb a lot of fluoride and chlorine through your skin, so this is a worthy item.

As far as I know, it’s impossible to make a shower head filter that totally removes all fluoride, simply because of the speed the water must be filtered. A reverse osmosis system is necessary if you want to remove all fluoride. In absence of that, I just use this and limit my shower length to a few minutes.

This is the cheapest, easiest option that I am aware of to significantly reduce fluoride and other contaminants from your shower water. It screws into virtually any showerhead and works very well.

Buy the Propur Showerhead Filter here.

Fluoride Free Toothpaste

This toothpaste is fluoride free and just tastes natural.

For $5.99, you can’t go wrong. You’ll have a hard time going back to regular toothpaste (not that you ever should) after using this.

Prime Labs Testosterone Booster

This is a solid product for increasing your testosterone. As you can see, it has about 5000 reviews with about a 4.5-star rating.

Although it seems the company encouraged a good chunk of those reviews, I’d still say it’s an accurate overall rating of the product. It’s also very cheap compared to most testosterone boosters at $19.95 for a month’s supply.

I definitely noticed improvements in sexuality and vitality in just a few days while taking two of these a day. At such a cheap price and considering its upside, it’s worth a shot to see if it works for you.

Just remember that no supplement should be in place of a solid diet, exercise, and a healthy sex life. Get those in order before you take any supplement. Afterwards, supplementation can definitely give you an extra edge.

Buy Prime Labs Vitality Booster here.

Evolved Organics DIM Elite

DIM is a very useful product for optimal testosterone function. It helps block the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. It is thought to act as a “shield” against environmental xenoestrogens, which are absolutely everywhere.

I take one or two capsules a day. Don’t take more than two a day because (interestingly) the benefits can be reversed.

DIM is a very cheap supplement that runs you between $60-125/year for the recommended dosage. Read the article on DIM here.

You can buy Evolved Organics DIM Elite here.

Xenoestrogen, Phthalate, and Paraben-Free Coconut Oil Soap

Parabens and phthalates are everywhere and they are disgusting. Like soy and xenoestrogens, they have many negative health effects and lower men’s testosterone levels.

This soap is paraben and phthalate free. It feels great on your skin. It’s not masculine or feminine. It’s just great damn soap that smells and feels like coconut.

You’ll notice a big difference in how it feels and smells compared to regular soap, which contains BPA, parabens, and phthalates — which, again, are all very bad for your testosterone levels.

Buy Splendor Pure Coconut Oil Soap here

Primal Pit Paste

This is phthalate and paraben free deodorant.

The smell is not overpowering, it does the job, and it doesn’t contain anything to mess up your hormone levels.

The only issue with it is the fact that your armpit hairs can get on the deodorant part of the stick. You can easily wipe them off with a tissue if this happens. I think that’s fairly common with a lot of deodorants, but I noticed it more with this brand.

Otherwise, this stuff works very well and is worth a try if you haven’t switched brands yet.

You can buy Primal Pit Paste here.

Coconut Oil Spray

Most cooking oil sprays use vegetable oils — more aptly called industrial seed oils — in them, which are generally terrible for your health and are unstable when heated.

Sprays and oils with a higher saturated fat content are much more stable under heat, and are just healthier for you in general. Do not fall for the vegetable oil scam.

This particular brand sprays well and unsticks things just as well as any brand of cooking spray I’ve used. This one contains no soy, which many mainstream brands contain. The only downside I can think of is that you’ll get a hint of coconut added if you spray a lot on the pan. You may or may not want that with various recipes.

You can also use an Avocado oil based spray, other sprays that have a high saturated fat content, or regular butter. I found that the Avocado oil-based spray didn’t leave much of a noticeable taste, but that the cans didn’t last as long as this coconut oil spray. However, both sprays work well.

You can buy Kelapo Coconut Oil Spray here.

Trojan Magnum Bareskin Condoms

Who doesn’t want a box of condoms for Christmas?

I personally go for this brand. I don’t like any condom that feels like a condom, so I go for the bareskins. As far as condoms go, they give you very good sensitivity.

As some random reviewer on Amazon says: “It feels like raw dawgin it’s crazy fam.”

Brilliantly stated.

You can buy Trojan Magnum Bareskin Condoms here.


Here are supplements that I take and the brands that I use.

  • Zinc – Zinc is important for immunity and optimal testosterone production.
  • L-Theanine – L-theanine is known for producing calm and relaxation. This is an extremely cheap, high-quality brand.
  • Vitamin C – Vitamin C is just good to have, period. It’s not as good for immunity as they used to say, but it’s a great antioxidant that has a host of health benefits.
  • Vitamin D – Vitamin D is easily one of the most common deficiencies out there. If you do not live in a sunny area, it is essential to supplement with Vitamin D in the winter! Like Vitamin C, Vitamin D has a ton of very important health benefits.

For Kids:

I’m no expert on kids toys, but I can tell you when I buy gifts for my nephew and niece, I buy them something fun that they can learn from.

This is what I bought for my nephew last Christmas:

He thought it was a lot of fun, and it taught him a thing or two about engineering. If you ask me, this is what learning is about; something fun that’s also educational.

Buy Electronic Snap Circuits here.


I thought I’d pump this post out to give everyone some unconventional gift ideas, either for another man or for yourself.

Hopefully you found value out of this post.

Until next time.

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