Masterful Links #12: CAPTURING ATTENTION! Jewish Dominance, Russia All-Out War With China, Great Travel Gifts, and More

It’s been a while since the last installment of Masterful Links. This stuff is pretty cool.

Seven Ways to Capture Someone’s Attention – I love psychology. Attention is an extremely valuable commodity in our world, especially with all of today’s distractions. Internalize these tips and you’ll be much better at grabbing attention, which is the first step to opening a lot of doors in life.

The 51 Best Gifts for Travelers and Expats – 2018 Edition – Christmas is coming and Jake Darby’s got your travel items covered.

He’s got some pretty damn good ideas here on items for fitness, photography, luggage, clothing, electronics, and entertainment for travelers. It’s definitely worth checking out this article if you like to travel or plan on buying something for someone traveling this Christmas.

Why Are Jews So Successful? – A solid article written by Michael Sebastian on why Jews have been so successful. This is a quick and informative read, and it cleared quite a few things up for me.

Blasting Inappropriate Music in the Library – It’s a bit off topic from the theme of the site, but these videos are fucking hilarious. These dudes are blasting explicit sexual music in the library. The reactions are amusing.

China vs Russia (2017) – And last but not least, I found some cool videos by this Soviet muppet explaining what would happen in various war scenarios between different countries. He explains the conditions at the beginning of each video (no nukes, no allies, etc) and then goes into detail about how he thinks the war would play out. Interesting stuff, and well-researched.

Another interesting scenario is his take on a nuclear war between Russia and the United States.


Western Mastery is now over one year old. Traffic continues to grow. More articles are on the way. Blah blah blah…

Recently, I’ve received a lot of positive comments, particularly on Twitter, for my articles on frame.

The articles are:

  1. Some Brief But Powerful Insights on Understanding Frame
  2. Why Reframing Behavior Is a Must-Have Skill For Men (And How To Do It)
  3. 5 Psychological Reasons Why Reframing Behavior Works

They’re definitely worth reading if you want to expand your understanding of psychology and get more out of the world. Frame control is a crucial skill that you must learn!

With that said, follow Western Mastery on Twitter at @WesternMastery if you haven’t already, for daily doses of wisdom, inspiration, masculinity, and so forth. If you did already, you’re smart.

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