No-Bullshit Advice for Men Working the 9-5

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Men, for those of us who maintain a corporate job, let’s be real.

There’s a lot of horse shit that we have to deal with. And most of it simply isn’t necessary.

Workplace drama and inefficiency are at an all-time high. People of all backgrounds come and bring their own personal issues to work. Women bring in a host of issues and drama. A trip to the HR department is always in the back of our minds.

If you work in America or most other Western nations, you’re in the heart of Cultural Marxism.  Fortunately, there are ways to deal with this reality, and if you are tolerant of some of the bullshit (but less tolerant of others), you can use the current workplace dynamics to your advantage as much as possible.

This article is going to help clear up some of these issues and give you some practical advice you likely haven’t heard before. This includes how to handle yourself, how to deal with women, and more.

This post will not be in dramatic detail, but it will definitely get your mind going in the right direction. And hell, if you like it enough and want much more detail, let me know. I’m considering writing a detailed, practical, no-bullshit book detailing these issues and how to conquer them.

Where We Are Today

The workplace has changed dramatically since the days of our grandfathers.

Gone are the days of “Mad Men.” In are the days of unhappy careerist women, political correctness, sexual harassment lawsuits, Human Resources departments, and other nonsense that chains the country back.

This reality cannot be understated. It affects our job satisfaction, job security, lifestyle, career outlook, and even our mental health.

As far as I am concerned, working in Corporate America should not be a long-term goal for open-minded men. Some men may disagree and decide to work in a 9-5 regardless. If you do decide this, you should have fully considered your options before you decide this is the case.

In the meantime, however, if you’re still working the 9-5 or any variant of it, you want to maximize your potential. Learn how to enhance your skills, networking, and charisma to hold as many chips as possible. From here, you can maximize your salary, job security, flexibility, and perhaps most importantly, your options down the road.

Is Corporate America Worth It?

If you’re a regular reader of Manosphere/Red Pill sites, you’ve probably heard the following argument before. However, I will still restate it.

Look at the average, mid-thirties middle-class American male. Let’s say he went to trade school or college. He came out 2-6 years later in a lot of debt. He got his first job, gained valuable experience, and he climbed the workplace ladder.

He eventually became a manager, and then maybe something more. He makes reasonable money now, but what does his lifestyle look like?

He’s stuck waking up and going to the same job every day. Seeing the same people. The same boss. He’s stuck in the same house. The same location. He has a wife and kids that don’t respect what he does for them.

He’s around the same people, many of whom he may get along with, but most of which he can’t develop a deep connection with. Although on the surface he may seem to have strong friendships, most of them are untrustworthy when the shit hits the fan. True loyalty is difficult to come by in Corporate America.

He’s enveloped by the consumer, cookie-cutter go-to-work-you-wage-slave culture that the West cuts out for all of us.

Is this what you want for yourself?

I know this is a very negative viewpoint. You can see much of my frustration with the workplace. However, you don’t have to be a slave to all of this, even if you work in Corporate America.

How To Make Reality Work in Your Favor

One of the most important messages to draw from Western Mastery is that you must learn to work human nature to your advantage. When it comes to getting everything you can out of the American workplace, this rule is essential.

You can learn to maximize your value, your charisma, and your network, and play workplace politics just well enough that your job security is the best as it can be. Despite what a lot may tell you, it is possible to maximize your value and keep your job as secure and tolerable as possible.

People know that work sucks and that a lot of others are intolerable. And believe it or not, men and women alike prefer to work with men.

The more upbeat your personality, the better you work with people, and the more you have your shit together, the more people will prefer to work with you. This is a serious advantage in most fields; it gets you jobs, friends, and job security if you play it right.

Learning to combine your networking skills, people skills, and actual on-the-job skills makes you a force to be reckoned with. And remember, you can always use these skills down the road later if you choose to leave your 9-5 permanently.

Learn To Develop Your Frame, Value, and Reputation

There’s a certain frame you have to establish if in the workplace. The best frame is that you’re a high-value man who works well with people and knows his worth. You’re team-oriented and a magnet to be around as long as you’re being respected.

You also know that you have a ton of value to the world in general. Although the workplace dynamics will probably never be totally in your favor, the abundance mentality is essential. This is easier the further you are in your career, since you will have more experience and skills to draw from.

Developing a fuck-you fund, side hustle, and the ability to manage your personal expenses are critical. You will have much more freedom to walk if someone gives you a bad deal. Your attitude at work will be much less caring as a result.

Your workplace reputation is key as well. If you care about your job, you must maintain a solid reputation at work. Learn how to make people say good things about you, especially those who matter.

I’ve been in ridiculous situations where the only thing that saved me was my reputation. I once had an insecure girl think that I called her fat (which I didn’t even imply) run out of the room we were in and immediately cry to a supervisor that I had insulted her portly figure.

This is 21st century America. I thought I was fucked.

What saved me? My reputation and how I handled it. I explained it to them immediately to get it on record in case the girl bitched to the HR department. The managers loved me, knew I was way too useful, and knew I wouldn’t have risked my job to tell a fat girl that she was fat.

They told me they had my back, talked to her about it, and the issue was resolved. The situation was ridiculous and showed me why I couldn’t rely on any one job to keep me afloat, but my reputation saved me.

Your reputation is your greatest defense and your strongest weapon. Knowing how to leverage it in times of need is an essential skill you must learn.

Learn to choose your battles in areas of conflict. Insults toward you are best handled with humor or a zero-fucks-given attitude. Show that you don’t take them seriously while you do what you’re great at. Save the fights for the big issues, but learn not to escalate them beyond what is necessary.

With enough value, charisma, and networking, you’ll be the person nobody wants to fire. And if they do, you can find a new job quickly. As long as you have a fuck-you fund and/or a side hustle, you will survive these situations with little issue.

How to Deal With Women at Work

You’ll be surrounded by women in most fields. It can be maddening when there are not enough men around. Petty nonsense becomes a big deal to a lot of women, while most men just know how to minimize drama and do their job.

This is not to totally trash women, but if you took it that way, I don’t care. A lot of women are pretty pleasant and fun to work with. It’s fun to flirt with them for the hell of it. But there’s no question that most of them just don’t have it together the way men do, and that their presence changes the workplace dramatically.

If you’re good with women outside of work, you’ll probably be good with women at work. The biggest differences are that I don’t recommend fucking any of them, and that you generally want to err on the side of being nicer because offended women can gang up on you behind your back. However, there is an art and technique to this, and there are exceptions to these rules.

But as a general rule, you have to be aware of the pitfalls of being sexually involved with girls at work. If you want to bang them, be my guest, but don’t say you weren’t warned.

I, personally, don’t shit where I eat. I really don’t like saying that. I believe a man should be free to express his masculinity wherever the hell he wants. It sucks having to walk away from pretty girls who are giving obvious “go” signals. But in modern America, there are too many potential consequences to want to risk my reputation and finances.

I know dudes who have fucked girls in closets and got away with it. And conversely, I know a few guys who were sternly rebuked and/or fired for perceived sexual harassment for simply complimenting a woman.

The difference? The guys who get away with everything are smooth-talking alphas. The creepy betas get fucked over. The workplace rules are not the same for everyone. Your goal should be to work these rules in your favor.

You want to be the smooth-talking alpha who is legitimately good at his job. This type of man tends to get the most love from everyone.

Learn to be above any female pettiness. Never take childish behavior seriously. Girls will be rude simply because they’re in a bad mood, or because it’s the wrong time of the month. They’ll hold grudges for stupid shit. You have to demonstrate that you’re above this.

I could write a whole book on this section alone. In fact…

Would You Like a Book on This Advice?

I have strongly considered writing a book on all of this.

I simply don’t think there’s enough good, practical advice for men on the social dynamics of working in America. It’s almost like bringing Red Pill advice to working men, plus advice on staying afloat and considering in full detail where they want their careers to be down the road.

My on-paper credentials are reasonable, for what they’re worth. I’m not a Fortune 500 CEO, but I have almost a six-figure, very flexible job in healthcare, a field I’ve been in for about five years. I’ve dealt with an overwhelming amount of bullshit and drama, and after struggling with it for a few years, I’ve learned how to manage it in my favor.

Plus, I write this site alone. You know what this site’s about; social dynamics, masculinity, self-improvement, and so forth. The information here speaks for itself.

I don’t plan on writing a massive book containing a ton of fluff to hit a certain page count.

Rather, I’d consider one that would sell in the $4.99-$9.99 range. The page length may vary because I really can write my ass off when I’m talking in depth about a subject I know a lot about.

This book would focus on how to maximize your skills, network, value, and charisma in the workplace while helping you focus on a plan to get the most out of it and/or get out of it entirely.

Additionally, it will include how to:

  • Get the most out of workplace relationships.
  • Enhance your charisma.
  • Establish a frame that presents yourself well, gains respect, and popularity.
  • Develop a powerful workplace reputation.
  • Maximize your skills, value, and job security.
  • Figure out who’s mentally unstable and how to avoid their bad side.
  • Avoid the majority of bullshit you can potentially face at work.
  • Consider your life in perspective to your job and visualize how it affects your future.
  • Develop a “fuck-you fund” and a “side hustle.”
  • Assist you at getting out of the workplace in the long run, if you desire.

Plus whatever the hell else I feel like adding.

I would like to help as many men out as possible while getting directly paid for my work this time around.

I will note that there is some good material on this already. Captain Capitalism writes frequently about the ills of working in the modern American workplace, and I’ve seen some useful advice on Return of Kings.

However, a lot of the information I’ve seen is lacking from working within in the workplace. A lot of advice tells you to just stay out of corporate America entirely. Making all of our money online or through other means just isn’t a reality for all of us yet.

I could use some feedback on this idea, so let me know what you think on Twitter or in the comments section. If it sounds legit, let me know. If you think I’m a stupid motherfucker with a useless website, let me know. If you want to add something or provide valuable input, let me know. If you’re a feminist or leftist, give me a good laugh.

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