Three Minutes of Epic Motivation To Put Your Mission in Perspective

Yep, I’m quoting myself on Twitter again.

This message is simple yet powerful. It resonates with a lot of men who seek to constantly improve their lives.

For those who are currently laser-focused on getting themselves to the next level in life, this short article is for you.

If you’re grinding out the hard work and engaging in the self-improvement lifestyle that this site pushes, then you’re undoubtedly on the path to much greater success.

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing as long as you have a clear objective in mind that will improve your life in a palpable manner. If you’re working towards this type of objective consistently, then your mission fits the bill.

Even if it doesn’t feel like it every day, your hard work, through trial and error, will result in hard-earned and valuable life experience. Your experiences will guide you towards taking the right actions. The actions you take will ultimately move you down the right path.

As you follow this path, you will hit certain milestones that will prove that you’ve made noticeable advancements in what you do. Not only do these moments feel damn good, but they give you clear barometers for your success.

And when you eventually reach the top, you will have achieved noticeable, easily observed status. When this happens, many people will seek your advice on exactly what you’re going through right now. 

Think about this!

Even if you have doubts about what you’re doing, even if you’re struggling, even if you don’t feel like you’re making noticeable progress on what you’re doing, even if your motivation occasionally slows down, and even if you make mistakes down the way, as long as you are persistent about reaching your goals, this process is exactly what you must go through to become a better man.

Most likely, you’ll look back at this process as a defining period of your life. People will ask you about what you went through to get in the admirable position you will inevitably be in. And you will tell them exactly about what you’re doing right now.

This process is what most people don’t want to go through. It separates the boys from the men. Boys talk about goals but do nothing to achieve them, while men are driven to achieve their goals.

This drive comes from you wanting to do something better with your life. You know there’s something inside of you that hasn’t fully flourished yet. You likely see bits and pieces of it from time to time, and you know it hasn’t yet been fully developed.

And because since you come to this type of website and utilize its information, you’re not a product of weakness, femininity, and Cultural Marxism. You know that you’re not a normie and will die having lived the same type of cookie-cutter lifestyle as everyone else. You know that you don’t want to lie on your death bed knowing that you’ll die not experiencing life in the best way imaginable.

If you’re a real man, these thoughts will get you moving in the right direction. The ups and downs of this process will turn you into the man you were meant to become. Learn to enjoy the process for what it is.

With all of this said, this post was intentionally short to make you think about what you’re doing and keep you going in the right direction.

You don’t need to spend any more time on this site or any other right now.

Just keep everything you’ve learned from this article in mind, and get to work.

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5 thoughts on “Three Minutes of Epic Motivation To Put Your Mission in Perspective

    1. Western Mastery Post author

      Glad it helped you Ray. I don’t write many strictly motivational posts, but I decided a quick post to get people moving would be a nice change of pace.

  1. Vars

    „You know there’s something inside of you that hasn’t fully flourished yet. You likely see bits and pieces of it from time to time, and you know it hasn’t yet been fully developed”.

    Thats my experience since childhood. Sometimes i worry isnt it just narcissm. But in deep, I trust it.

    1. Western Mastery Post author

      Even if it made you a bit narcissistic, there can be benefits to this. If you follow through with your belief that you’re the fucking man, and it is positively displayed in your actions, you’ll make it much further in the world than some self-loathing fool.


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