Masterful Links #11: The Clinton’s Mena Coverup, Growing Your Twitter Following, James Bond’s Charisma, the Obesity Epidemic, and More

It’s been a while since the last installment of Masterful Links. I’ve been much more focused on producing my own fresh content instead.

That said, I naturally enjoy sharing the links that I find all over the internet because they naturally complement and expand on the messaging of this website.

Here are some that I’ve found and enjoyed recently.

Mena Coverup – Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Arkansas Cocaine Operation Expose – An interesting video on Bill Clinton’s operation to allow traffickers to smuggle Colombian cocaine into an airbase in Mena, Arkansas when he was governor. Naturally, witnesses and potential testifiers were killed. This family played the game better than just about anyone.

This is almost an hour-long documentary detailing the history and corruption of this issue. This is a very interesting watch.

How to Grow Your Twitter Following – Now that Western Mastery has hit over 1200 Twitter followers after about 10 months of semi-casual use, I’m motivated to use it more.

This is a great how-to guide on this by Ed Latimore. His guide is genuine, authentic, and actionable.

It’s hard to say enough good things about this guy, from everything I know about him. I’m a fan of worldly wisdom, and he is loaded with it.

Follow him now on Twitter if you haven’t already.

James Bond: 5 Charisma Tips from the “Perfect Man” – More wisdom from one of my favorite Youtube channels. One of the takeaways from this video is that to be as good as James Bond is at everything, it requires a lot of “unsexy” practice time. There’s a time for practice and skill development, and a time for action.

There’s also a lot here on Bond’s charisma, attitude, and mindset. The whole video is worth a watch.

Are Smartphones Making Us Stupid? – This was linked to me on Twitter. This article presents some food for thought: If your smartphone literally makes you dumber by being in the same room, then maybe it should not be in the same room while you are focusing on a project.

I propose this: Keep your cell phone outside of your room while you are working on a project. Work for one hour, then take a ten-minute break (this is a great ratio for optimum productivity). You can check your phone while you are on your break. Any girls texting you can learn to wait for your response, thus adding to your mystique.

Spanish Guitar Music – Excellent background music while working, studying, relaxing, and for seduction. I listen to this all of the time. The songs vary in nature a bit, but as a whole, it’s classy, sophisticated, upbeat, and sexy.

America’s Obesity Epidemic: What They Don’t Tell You – It’s hard to make one of these without linking to Stefan Molyneux. This is a ten-minute video (much shorter than most of his videos) on the obesity epidemic in America. He makes some excellent points, such as IQ being inversely correlated with obesity, Obamacare having a role in obesity and poor healthcare decisions, and more.

Site Updates

Western Mastery continues to grow. Last week, my Twitter followers went from 800 to 1200 seemingly overnight. As I said already, this has inspired me to use Twitter some more.

On the site, upcoming articles include a few articles on frame and reframing others’ behavior, and why they are such powerful psychological concepts.

I also will write a review on this brand of DIM, an aromatase inhibitor which blocks the effects of estrogen in the body.

Preview of review: With all of the synthetic estrogens in your hair care products, plastics, soap, receipts, water bottles, cans, and so forth, this is a product I highly recommend to block out a lot of their harmful effects. Ignore some of what it says in the product’s subtitle; this is a highly potent product for men, not just women.

On a related note, check out this detailed how-to guide on how to filter fluoride if you haven’t already. Fluoride is extremely harmful, and this guide teaches you the easiest and cheapest ways to remove it.

Also, check out this article on manipulating human nature to your advantage, and anything else on the front page that may interest you.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned, gentlemen.

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