8 More Excellent Nonfiction Books That Will Enhance Your Life (Business, Psychology, SEO, Spanish, and more)

I’ve been reading and listening to my fair share of non-fiction lately, both on Audible and Kindle. I strongly prefer non-fiction because I read to be informed instead of entertained; I want to grow and learn as much as I can from what I read.

The last seven books I recommended are here. I highly recommend checking them out (particularly #1 and #4 in that list).

Here are eight more that I very highly recommend.

I have read seven of these eight books, and I am currently finishing the last one. None of these (except for Positive Masculinity) are full-fledged reviews. If you’re interested, you can find more reviews on Amazon. Most of these nonfiction books are in psychology and business, including a book on SEO.

You’ll notice that almost all of these books have approximately 4.5/5 star ratings on Amazon, with the lowest rated book coming in at 4/5. There’s a ton of great, potentially life-changing information in all of these books if you put the information to work.

Just remember: it’s not enough to be book smart, you need to know how to put it to good use as well. Make sure you are taking in the time to truly learn and utilize the knowledge.

Note: Most of these books are in audiobook format as well. You can get two free audiobooks if you sign up for a free month with Audible. Cancel the subscription before the month is over and the audiobooks are still yours to keep. If you don’t cancel, it’s $14.95 a month for an Audiobook every month, which is a discount on most audiobook prices. Read my article on Audible here.

Book #1: Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini

Excellent book! This significantly improved my understanding on human decision-making. Considering you’re surrounded by and interact with people every single day, persuasion is absolutely one of the most important skills you can learn. Knowing it will help you understand people and yourself better, get you more out of life, earn you much more money, and a lot more.

In this book, Cialdini says that there are six primary factors that influence whether or not someone will say yes to you or not. Reciprocation, consistency and commitment, scarcity, authority, social proof, and liking. Each chapter goes into a ton of detail on each principle.

Cialdini teaches you how to manipulate people’s responses to get them to comply to you, gives you plenty of examples and studies, and teaches you how to defend against these techniques.

Do yourself a favor; read this book through, practice some of his techniques or create your own, and refer to it several times later until it’s second nature. There’s a reason this book has almost 2000 reviews on Amazon with an average of 4.5 stars. This book is a must-read.

You can purchase Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion here.

Book #2: Rational Male: Positive Masculinity

The Rational Male: Positive Masculinity by Rollo Tomassi

I wrote an in-depth review of Rational Male: Positive Masculinity. There’s little more to say if you take the time to read that review, but I’ll summarize in a nutshell.

If you’re new to the Red Pill, you should probably get Rollo Tomassi’s first book instead. If you’re familiar with his writing, I recommend this one.

If your Red Pill knowledge is lacking, his work is absolutely essential. This type of knowledge will improve your relationships with women, improve your understanding of the world, and teach you how to make your sons and/or nephews better men.

Purchase Rational Male: Positive Masculinity here.

Book #3: How to Write Copy That Sells

How to Write Copy That Sells by Ray Edwards

This is an excellent book on copywriting that has taught me a lot of tricks. I have no background in copywriting, so this is the beginning for me.

The author goes over a lot: how to write compelling headlines, copy bodies, email marketing, and so forth. He teaches you how to get attention and make a lot more sales with numerous techniques, and gives you a framework of how to write compelling copy. I am re-reading many of the points in this book and starting to put them to good use.

Overall, if you own a website or do any kind of writing or online sales, this book is very highly recommended.

You can purchase How to Write Copy That Sells here.

Book #4: SEO 2017

SEO 2017 by Adam Clarke

I read this one while I was in South America a few months ago. This is another great book that gives you updated details and step-by-step instructions on SEO, plus a lot of very useful advice I don’t see very often. I’m still not an SEO expert, but I am definitely getting better, largely because of this book.

SEO is constantly changing so you want to make sure you’re reading an updated book. This one is very detailed and updated.

There’s little question that this book is basically the bible on SEO. I use it as a reference a lot, and I’m learning as I go along with this as my reference.

You can purchase SEO 2017 here.

Book #5: How to Make Money With Twitter

How to Make Money WIth Twitter by Tom Corson-Knowles

A $2.99 book that has a lot of great information on using Twitter to expand your brand and make money on the platform.

For the price, you simply can’t go wrong. If you have an online brand on Twitter and you utilize this information, you’ll make back the price of this book and then a hell of a lot more.

You can purchase How to Make Money with Twitter here.

Book #6: Understanding Spanish Conversation

Understanding Spanish Conversation by Joe Kozlowski

This is a cheap (currently $2.99 Kindle + $1.99 extra for the Audiobook) and very useful resource on significantly improving your conversational Spanish.

I generally recommend this as an audiobook. I listen to this in the car fairly frequently, even though I’ve finished it already. The audiobook is four hours long, but you will pause and go back a lot as you have to practice using the phrases the speaker uses.

The book goes over many of the phrases you will use if you’re having a conversation in Spanish, and how to make them sound as natural as possible. If you’re learning Spanish with Duolingo or with other practice books, this book will help you learn the most useful phrases and smooth out your conversation.

The only thing I didn’t like was that in the Audiobook, the speaker says many of the phrases faster than I would like. That said, it acclimates you to the speed of spoken Spanish.

Overall, this short book definitely helped me improve my Spanish conversational skills. Like I said, it’s probably best listened to in the car with Audible with the Kindle version used for reference. For $5, which includes the Kindle version and the audiobook, this is a very valuable resource.

You can purchase Understanding Spanish Conversation here.

Book #7: Guest Blogging Goldmine 

Guest Blogging Goldmine by Tom Corson-Knowles

For only $2.99, this book has a lot of information on how to grow your blog’s traffic; specifically, from guest posting.

There’s also a lot on productivity, how to monetize your blog, social media marketing, and how to outsource your blog effectively. This guy is a very successful writer and blogger, so his advice is very useful. I will be using a lot of its advice in the near future.

Again, for $2.99, and given the quality of the content here, you really can’t go wrong. It’s a short and very informative read. This book is highly recommended for fellow bloggers.

You can purchase Guest Blogging Goldmine here.

Book #8: The 4-Hour Workweek

The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

This book is world-renowned for a reason. Tim Ferris teaches you how to run an online business in a way that makes you location independent and uses as little of your free time as possible once your business is in place. He has a ton of absolutely excellent advice in this book. He’s done it all himself so he’s very credible.

Much of his advice is unconventional and makes you think outside of the box. Some of it includes: Make sure people know specifically that you check your email twice a day, and to call you only for emergency. Consider your customers an exclusive club; ditch shitty customers that waste your time in favor of higher paying customers, and price your products accordingly. Give your employees and/or virtual assistants authorization for transactions up to a certain amount, so that they do not waste your time with questions over petty amounts of money.

He’s also got a ton of food-for-thought questions that will help you improve your lifestyle, and a lot of “life hacks” to improve your productivity that I’ve never heard of before.

There’s a lot in here, and I expect to come back to this book multiple times when I am finished with it.

I am going through this one in an Audiobook, but I will go back and reread many parts in Kindle. It’s really not best listened to; it’s best read since he has a lot of information and exercises in there that are best read on paper and referred to multiple times.

Therefore, I recommend the Kindle version of this book. You can buy the Audiobook as complementary to the Kindle, but it’s best to have a copy on Kindle where you can reread his materials and click all of his links.

Again, if you have any interest in business, especially online business, this book is very highly recommended.

You can buy The 4 Hour Work Week here.

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