You Must Accept and Manipulate Human Nature To Your Advantage

We’ve all seen people complain about the circumstances of the world. In fact, almost all of us have complained about it ourselves at various points of our lives.

Life is unfair. People are born with different traits, racial backgrounds, financial backgrounds, and so forth. No matter how equalists may attempt to change this, this will always be the case.

There can never be true equality of outcome due to fundamental differences in human nature: between men and women, between racial groups as a conglomerate, and so forth. Equality has never occurred at any point in human history, and it will not occur in the future. Anything else is just a leftist fantasy; human nature cannot be changed.

This said, human nature can be anywhere in the range between horrendous and remarkable.

Natural disasters show incredible acts of kindness, and they show other acts of looting and other crimes. When people are faced with extreme circumstances, they respond in various ways depending on their specific situation, personality traits, social convention, and so forth.

When people are forced to respond to a force of strength, many will join its forces if possible, some will attempt to remain neutral in their actions, and there’s usually a group that will fight it. No matter what they do, people will rationalize their decisions to themselves, often by telling themselves that their position is the most moral.

Women naturally respond to strength and backward rationalize what they do, as well. They will mate with the best alpha bad boy that they can get, almost always irrelevant of what his morals are. They will backward rationalize their decision to mate with him later, even if he treats her like complete shit.

These are fundamental facts about human nature. It can rear its ugly head and fuck you over if you’re caught on your heels and allow it. Alternatively, you can learn to use it to your advantage to get what you want out of life. If you don’t accept it and use it to your advantage, you will not get the results you want in this world.

What is Human Nature?

Human nature is that people act in ways that make the most sense to them based off of their life circumstances. Cultural conditioning, social circumstances, and a sense of morality also dictate people’s actions, but the vast majority of people’s actions are dictated biologically in one sense or another.

There’s an entire book that can be written on this, but we’ll leave it at this.

As we all well know, Cultural Marxism has laid havoc upon Western society. Women are trying to be like men and are more depressed than ever. The media attempts to manufacture race wars by pitting one race versus another in the news. Divorce rates are through the roof. People are told to appeal to their least virtuous, weakest-willed sides, and Western society as a whole has been tremendously weakened by it.

Despite this, human nature has been fundamentally unchanged. People still respond to the highest value people, despite what leftist, Marxist society tells them, because we’re biologically wired to respond to those of high survival and replication value.

Men still want to fuck the hottest girls, and women want to fuck the highest value men. Women are appalled by beta males and men don’t want to fuck fat chicks.

You get the idea by now. No matter how much Marxist Western society tells people to avoid their nature, it cannot be changed.

Men Act On The World In A Practical Manner

Powerful men have strong internal loci of control. This is developed from years of hard work and hard-earned success.

You will rarely meet a high-level winner who truly believes that their success came from outside of them, aside from those who are very religious. Any credit towards their wife is typically just social convention. If you know of any exceptions, I’d love to hear them.

So ask yourself, are you the type of man to bitch about how some guy stole your girlfriend because he’s more attractive to women than you are, or are you the type who will do everything he can to be attractive so women will respond to you in the same manner?

Almost all of us have run into this type of situation in our lives. These situations may suck, and the world may be unfair, but you can do everything in your power to make what isn’t unfair work to your advantage.

For your purposes as a man, know that people will always respond to powerful men. They respond to personal strength and success. They respond to men who they think could hurt them badly if they desired, even if the threat is never explicitly made.

It doesn’t matter how much Cultural Marxism tries to weaken men; if you can avoid the many factors that try to bring your masculinity down, you can easily stand out and gain respect in modern society.

How Do You Take Advantage of Human Nature?

Some of this advice is redundant to those who have visited this site frequently, as well as other like-minded sites. But there is a reason for that: the advice given on this website is essential for countless reasons.

Lift weights, stay healthy and look damn good. The better you look, the stronger you carry yourself, and the more powerful your presence, the more people respond to you on an animal level. Men and women both notice you and respect you much more. They listen to what you say much more, even if the contents of what you say are the exact same as someone much weaker and less fundamentally inspiring.

Learn persuasion (I absolutely cannot recommend this book enough). Learn how people act upon natural tendencies to respond a certain way to a certain condition, and then backward rationalize that behavior to themselves afterward. Use that to your advantage by getting what you want out of someone when you need it. Learning persuasion will give you a much bigger insight into how other people and how you work.

Understand how people respond to charisma, how their motivations work, and so forth. Become a student and an eventual master of human nature. Ask yourself why people are doing something, and ask yourself what is the best way to respond to it.

Understand the fundamental nature of women. Learn game to get what you want out of them, so you hold the power in any relationship and don’t end up as someone raped in divorce court.

When you get good at all of these things, you have accepted the world for what it is, and you are using it to your advantage. Of course, there’s always more to learn. Always grow and develop your talent stack.


Losers bitch and moan about their life circumstances but do little to nothing to change them. They complain about how the world is, but they don’t have the internal locus of control, the drive, or the balls to do anything about it.

Winners make real change happen in their lives, even if these changes are a challenge to overcome, and even if they sometimes have to find the motivation to get started.

You may not have control over the circumstances from which you were brought up, but if you are reading this, then you have been blessed with the information, knowledge, and ability to set your mindset to move in the right direction.

The choice is yours.

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4 thoughts on “You Must Accept and Manipulate Human Nature To Your Advantage

  1. Timo

    Good one and very important too. Altough it looks like those at the top (Soros, Zuckerberg, the google pimps) seem to disregard human nature as in the sexes (see google memo and the actions they take) but no doubt they know how the human mind works, how they can sell you shit you don’t even need, and all in all play humans like a fiddle otherwise they wouldn’t be where they are now.

    1. Western Mastery Post author

      Good points. It’s hard to say what exactly they believe in and what they don’t without doing more research than I feel like doing right now. Those on the top of companies may believe in gender differences to a varying extent, but the marketing teams definitely do because they have to know how to market to women in order to be so successful.

      Also, as we know, there’s also differences between public positions and private positions, so company executives may say one thing but believe something else entirely. This said, you can also run a massive corporation and still be a beta male by nature.

      I’d also imagine being at the top gives you a huge insight into how human nature works, because of how much one action can affect the media and/or public’s portrayal or perception of you, and because you’re surrounded by those who are in the same boat whom many of which understand human nature from the top as well.

      I’m currently finishing up a how-to article on removing fluoride from your water. Edward Bernays, the key component of the phony water fluoridation campaign, wrote the book “Propaganda” which is all about how to manipulate public opinion and whatnot. I haven’t read his book yet, but I’ve read about him. He’s an evil fuck, but his insight into how he gets humans to comply will teach you a ton about human nature. Or just read “Persuasion” by Robert Cialdini.


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