Three Revamped Articles on Western Mastery That Will Improve Your Life

One of the most important lessons I have learned over the last few years is that mastering the process, through trial and error, will eventually give you the results that you desire. With most endeavors, my approach is to put out my best initial effort and then see what results from it. Then, I analyze my results from an unclouded lens (as much as possible) and see where I can improve. When I look for improvement, I primarily seek information from the appropriate experts of whatever field I am improving; either through articles, books, Youtube, in person, or another method.

Naturally, I take the same approach to my writing. I put out articles I believe are high quality, and I typically revise them later as necessary. I pay particular attention to compliments and criticism of my writing. All feedback is extremely useful as long as it isn’t spoken entirely from hate.

So recently, I went back and enhanced some old articles. These enhancements include the writing style or the content and wisdom of the information within. As I grow wiser, I can enhance my articles further to help the visitors of this website even more.

Each of these articles is meant to be its own chest of knowledge, loaded with useful information, that you can typically finish in ten minutes or less.

Here they are:

Eight Fundamental Tips to Learn More Efficiently – Did I say “must read?” Long time readers of this site know that I’ve talked about the importance of this article a lot.

I can’t say it enough — read this article and bookmark where you can refer to it several times down the road. This is all free information, and it is incredibly useful to your understanding of how you learn. Since you’re learning virtually every moment you’re alive, even if you just take one bit of information out of this detailed article, it will absolutely improve your learning style and your life.

I recently took the time to enhance this article, and I plan to add even more to it in the future. It needed a good touch-up in writing style, and I added some examples to it to drive its points home clearer.

The Immense Power of Social Proof – Learn how social proof affects the decision making of yourself and others, and how people can use this to manipulate you. This is a brief read and is considered “very insightful” by many who have read it. Learning persuasion is a critically important skill, and a great understanding of social proof is an essential part of that.

A Conservative Man’s Guide to the Media – Most visitors of Western Mastery and other Manosphere sites are conservative and/or libertarian. This article helps you put world events into perspective, explains how the media works in a nutshell and gives you a variety of quality sources to get information from.

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