Nine Traits of the Enlightened Man

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The Red Pill community has grown significantly over the years. Over this time, alliances and enemies have been made, ideas have been developed, and incredible wisdom has been shared.

I have observed and compiled a list of nine traits that enlightened, primarily Red Pill men have. These have been compiled from observation of those within the Red Pill community; readers, writers, and friends, as well as other wise men I have met in the past that may not know what the Red Pill is.

An enlightened man has many traits that those around him lack. Many of these traits are spawned out of necessity during the process of becoming red pilled, and many are just developed further once they have become red pilled.

While the majority of the crowd is pushing itself towards hedonism and self-destruction, the enlightened man pushes himself towards knowledge, masculinity, and self-fulfillment. This mindset alone leads to the initial or continual development of the traits listed below.

This is not an exhaustive list of all the traits an enlightened, red pill man has, and it is not to say that all red pill men have all of these traits. However, this list should give you a good idea of what traits are shared among this population.


A man who wants to truly learn about the world cannot go to traditional educational sources. The enlightened man must get his information from the internet, books, like-minded men, and real world experience. Even as internet giants such as Facebook and Google move towards greater censorship, and as Google attempts to push left-leaning, politically correct search results to the top of its search results, the internet is still the best source of information for the modern autodidact. Other sources include books from renowned authors, as well as real-world experience; particularly from authentic experiences traveling the world.

Audiobooks, in particular (an Audible account is highly recommended to save some money), are very useful for this goal since they can easily maximize a man’s time by letting him learn during his inevitable commutes. Podcasts are excellent as well, from motivational and informational sources. The enlightened man rarely has any downtime in expanding his mind and skills.


As a man who places an incredible amount of value in his own education and self-development, the enlightened man must be very open minded. He must always remain open to new knowledge. This also means that he must examine his biases and to understand his own place in the world. He must understand that there is more knowledge in the world than he could ever know, and often times he will uncover information that discredits things that he thought he once knew.

The act of taking the red pill is enough to show that one is open-minded enough to swallow it. It is not an easy thing to do for most people since it goes against what so many have learned over the years. Therefore, open-mindedness is a trait that is developed simply by becoming Red Pilled. This means that once he swallows the red pill, the enlightened man opens himself up to many other subjects about the world as well.

Once the house of lies is attacked from the very bottom, it crashes down over the enlightened man, with only him and his allies left to discover what lies in the remains.


Enlightened men are intimately familiar with the dangers of conforming to a sick society that aims to destroy them at the core. Circumstances force the enlightened man to see the world in a realistic, against-the-grain lens simply for his well-being and the cultivation of his own masculinity.

Perhaps most importantly, the enlightened man understands that there is a culture war around him unlike anything in recent memory.

Realism, and looking at the world in a red pill lens, are essential to surviving the Western culture war. The culture war is unlike past overt wars. While many lies are told to initiate and promote physical wars, the lies told in the culture war are beyond anything seen in the past.

The cultural war is so under the radar to many that they don’t even realize that it’s occurring. Perhaps ironically, understanding the nature of this war opens the enlightened man up to many realities about human nature that, once understood and mastered, can open his life up to many opportunities.

Skill and Taste in Women

A red pill man makes women look forward to his presence. With a degree of practice, he has great success with women. Often, even when he doesn’t put forward a lot of effort, his options are still respectable, if not still plentiful.

His taste and experience with women have brought him to disrespect the typical American woman, who has become a byproduct of the worst features of Cultural Marxism: hedonism, arrogance, disrespect, and general degeneracy. His taste in women has changed to the point where he only respects women who carry themselves in a feminine, respectable manner. He looks at the men around him and sees that many good men around him go wrong with the women in their lives.

Additionally, the red pill lens the enlightened man possesses betters his life in numerous ways. His expansive knowledge about female nature protects him from some of the common traps of society today, such as investing emotional and physical resources into the wrong woman. Additionally, his knowledge of women typically leads him to greater social and business success.


“The Game” and other PUA materials were among the biggest treasure chests of information on their given subjects. Specifically, they taught men about social and sexual dynamics in a manner that few to no other resources had in the past.

Now, the information has become common knowledge and largely taken for granted in the Manosphere.

Enlightened, red pill men have internalized this type of information and can read people skillfully, especially when it comes to sexual and social dynamics. They are great at reading body language and understanding relationships between two or more people. Their charisma tends to be very palpable. This is largely from their skill with women, and because of their other listed traits, their book-read intelligence tends to transfer into practical social intelligence.

Discipline and Planning

Hedonism is one of the weakest traits of mankind. Hedonism is for those who live in the present and cannot look forward to the future. Especially with the poisons of today, hedonism destroys bodies, lives, and souls.

Because the enlightened man sees the results of widespread hedonism and a lack self-discipline in the world around him, he has become a much more disciplined man. This discipline shows in his physical appearance, the way he goes about his daily routine, and how he carries himself. The Red Pill community’s focus on hard work to bring about superior education, sexual prowess, and other highly desirable male traits has brought greater discipline to him if he had not possessed it already.

Ultimately, the enlightened man may or may not have a grand scheme for his life, but he certainly has the capacity for it if necessary.


An enlightened man’s natural push towards education and action pushes him to become self-driven and self-sufficient. He learns to find his own path in life, whether others tag along or not. His goals and ambitions take first priority in his life. This is reflected in his reality and is felt by virtually every person he interacts with.

The world goes one direction while the enlightened man goes the other. Most people are regressing while he is constantly pushing himself forward. This forces to move forward on his own, with perhaps a small group of men at his side.


The desire to experience and understand everything life has to offer, and the natural tendency for action brings out the enlightened man’s desire to see the world.

No man can truly be enlightened without seeing much of what the world has to offer. There are too many people to meet, cultures to understand, and life experiences to be had.

The enlightened man brings his own personality to all of the places he goes to, and he becomes a much more interesting man because of it. Ultimately, the areas that he has been to all become a part of his personality and his life. This is further reflected in his comfort with facing new experiences, his worldly mannerisms, and the interesting nature of his many stories.


Perhaps above all else, the enlightened, red pill man is a man of action. It is not enough to simply learn all the realities of women and the world around him. The will and motivation to act upon the world and shift events into his favor are absolutely essential to the enlightened man’s being.

Education by itself is simply never enough. The enlightened man acts upon his knowledge by developing an action plan to make himself a better man. With time, he will have lived out his own set of unique, interesting experiences. Eventually, he must pay it forward and educate other men.


Once again, this is not to say that every enlightened, red pill man has all of these traits, or that these are the only traits that red pill men share. However, these traits are very common in this population and they are traits that all men should strive for.

The red pill value system is far and away different from the majority of the world. This value system separates the red pill community from those that seek to ridicule and destroy it. Ultimately, because these values are so productive and useful, they instill a sense of self-discipline that sets those with these values far above those without them.

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