How to Understand Charlottesville and Put Events Like it Into Perspective

The events in Charlottesville have been dominating the recent news cycle. What happened in this city was no doubt tragic and ugly. However, a wise man should put these events into perspective into both his own life and into the greater picture of world events.

I won’t go into all of the details of Charlottesville. There are thousands of news articles out there already, with varying perspectives. Western Mastery is not a news site; it is a site designed to stimulate and enlighten men, bring them to action, and assist them in taking their lives to the next level. This article is my take on this particular event and its implications on our lives.

There are a lot of “normies” talking about this protest in Charlottesville. I’ve definitely noticed a lot more than with many of the other protests. The main reason why should be pretty obvious: it’s getting a ton of media coverage because the mainstream media wants to do as much as it can to pin this movement on the right wing to attack the conservative movement, Trump, and so forth. Their agenda has been obvious for years, and this is by no means a new play out of their playbook. They can now say that Neo-nazis and a “fascist” alt-right group caused terrorism and violence, and they can link this group and event to certain conservative values.

It is not unreasonable to say, for instance, that a nation’s native population should not be displaced by massive amounts of third world immigrants that seek to leech off of the riches of that population via the welfare state. Many countries have immigration policies against exactly this. Many conservatives believe that immigration should be primarily merit-based. However, the globalist-agenda pushing media wants to associate these types of ideas with an alt-right, Neo-Nazi group for their own means, while pointing to images of the violence that occurred at Charlottesville and blaming them on this group. Outwardly stating your viewpoint on a reasonable immigration policy can get you labeled into a group like this, and this is exactly what the Media wants.

The Alt-Right Protestors Were Effectively Tooled by the Media, Left, and Globalists

From reports of this event, it appears that the protest was peaceful until it was declared unlawful by the Virginia State Police and disbanded. At this point, the right wing protesters were ushered into a group of waiting Antifa, where violence commenced almost immediately. Many reports have shown this; and if you dispute this, you should ask yourself how the police allowed this event to get so out of control after establishing a strong presence prior to the event.

Whether this was done on purpose or not (judging by past experiences where police stood down while right wing protestors got attacked, it was), if the police were attempting to protect anyone, they failed miserably to do their jobs. More likely, the police and/or mayor were paid off and were instead used as willing pawns for the globalist elite who wanted to incite violence to further their own agenda. This is our tax payer money at work.

This event was an absolute disaster for the alt-right group who held it. The group was effectively funneled into a location where they were attacked, then they were blamed for the violence by the media. The media, liars that they are, now have tons of bait (some of it legitimate) to use this against the conservative movement.

In addition to all the violence, there are also videos of several of the alt-right protesters making Seig Heil salutes. This kind of nonsense is exactly what the media wants, so they can label them as a group of Neo-Nazi Pro-Trump Anti-white genocide “fascists,” and suggest that conservatives and those who are anti-white genocide are all in the same group. As we know, the MSM loves using bait to fan racial divide. After all, this is an intended goal of Cultural Marxism and/or Neomarxism.

The full situation with the car hitting the crowd is still not known at this time. I would rather wait to see the full details of the investigation before any conclusions are drawn. I don’t condone violence, except in self-defense, and only to those who initiated it against you. We will see what comes out of this.

Put These Events Into Perspective

But enough of the actual event. The point is that you should know what’s going on in the world around you, and understand the implications, but to put everything in perspective into your own life.

You can freely live your life, constantly improving your life and yourself as a man, while being acutely aware of these events but not directly engaged in them. Remember, that for each event in a place like Charlottesville, the vast majority of Americans are living their daily lives and are not directly engaged in the conflict.

However, you must still know the implications of these types of events. You should also pay attention to these types of events to see if they are becoming more violent and extreme. And as we know, there is an ongoing cultural war going on around us. Events like this are indeed manifestations of this cultural war, and of course, they tend to be funded by winners such as George Soros.

Events like this stir up a lot of emotions; particularly hatred, and particularly among those who believe that they are marginalized (which is everyone in America these days. Thank you again, Cultural Marxism). People see the violent images and the biased, agenda-driven explanations by the media, and they naturally get pissed off — especially when it’s perceived to be about racial issues. When this happens, they tend to choose sides and become much more motivated to support their side.

These emotions are weaponized politically and perceptually to drive forward various agendas by the elite and leftist groups. In certain situations, such as if things really go to hell in America and it faces a societal collapse, the events and perceptions of events like this one will really matter.

It’s also worth noting that the website, The Daily Stormer, got shut down after this event by Google and GoDaddy. This is not an endorsement of the website, but rather to say that it’s an extremely slippery slope to shut down a website because of its political views. You absolutely must pay attention to this. The censorship of the internet will be one of the greatest fights of our lifetimes, whether you are politically motivated or just a man trying to make a living and understand the world around you.


Overall, I generally don’t advise going to these protests without a good reason. However, if you do choose to go, develop a contingency plan to ready yourself for all possible options. The worst thing you can do is go to one of these events, unrealistically expect everything to go right when things have clearly been going wrong in past events, and then things go to shit and you find yourself threatened, injured, or killed.

The best thing to do is to pay attention and understand the implications of these types of events. They do not represent all of America, but the perceptions of these events, combined with the demagoguing MSM coverage, do matter. The cultural war for America is very real.

The point is to identify this reality and work within it. A man should always live his own life as free as possible while paying attention to world events and putting them into perspective.

Do not let world events define you without a damn good reason. This said, it is crucial to understand what is going on in the world if the time comes that things come knocking on your doorstep.

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