Thoughts on the State of America After Returning Home

As we all know, traveling dramatically increases your self-development and makes you learn many new lessons about the world. Additionally, you learn more about yourself and your own country.

Here are a few thoughts that I had upon returning to the United States after my three week trip to South America. This is by no means intended to be a long, well-thought out post like many others on Western Mastery; only a quick post to write down some thoughts and feed the content monster a bit. Let’s get started.


It’s undeniable that the average American is a fat motherfucker. Poetically worded, I know, but god damn it’s true.

One of the best things about going to countries in Latin America, Asia, and many other parts of the world is that most of the people are not overweight at all. It’s incredibly refreshing to be away from this level of widespread obesity for a while.

I personally have a low respect for fat people, and you should too. Their obesity reflects on their lack of self-discipline, and it leads me to rarely ever listen to their advice and their opinion on many subjects. A low obesity rate is reflected in my general respect for a country’s population; although, of course, there are many other factors that play into that as well.

Obesity is an eye sore and its wide scale prevalence damages the long term health of the once-great country that the United States was. It is sad to see Americans in the shape that they are in; it reflects very poorly upon the country, and it damages it economically, politically, and so forth. It’s great to be in a part of the world where obesity is the outlier and not the norm.


American women are dumpy, loud, and masculine. That, of course, is nothing new; but it’s amusing to see them in a population of feminine, respectable and hot women. They are outclassed easily, and it’s most interesting when they are in a situation where they really know it.

Conversely, I will say that American girls that I’ve met overseas are more likely to be feminine and hot than those in the United States. This is likely because hot girls can get their boyfriends to take them to expensive places, and because a lot of fat, ugly girls hate themselves and would never consider taking a trip to somewhere in the middle of South America. Traveling to these types of places weeds out a lot of the scrubs, but certainly not entirely.

Being around American women can wear on you after a while. It’s one reason why a lot of players just move overseas entirely. It’s absolutely essential to be around real, feminine women.


This is probably the biggest observation I’ve noticed back to America. America is diverse as hell; much more diverse than any other country out there.

I’m not inherently against a degree of diversity, but the problem is that immigration policies are easily abused by leftist politicians seeking more votes to expand their power primarily via the welfare state. When the native population of a country (glossing over the Native American history; there’s a lot of ugly history there, but they didn’t found America in way that it has become) is intentionally reduced to almost half of the population, you can expect major implications on the way the country is run. Of course, that is exactly what has happened.

It’s hard not to look at a lot of America and think that it’s a third world country pretending to be a first world country. This is an oversimplification, but if you are in most U.S. cities, you can easily see why someone would look at it this way. Much of America is first world infrastructure with a ton of third-world people who are in the U.S. to work menial jobs and collect welfare, but have very little respect for what America is truly about.

If you just open your eyes up a bit, you can easily see the policies of having a central banking system, welfare system, and immigration system that allows massive amounts of third-world immigration, welfare, and debt. Many lower income blacks, Hispanics, etc, simply wouldn’t be in this country if it weren’t for this system. But of course, it’s racist to say this, right?

I believe it was Roissy who said that diversity should be the seasoning, not the stew. A reasonable degree of diversity can add some flavor to a country if people are here for the right reason. Diversity done wrong causes division, a huge shift in political beliefs, and a lessened sense of community.

Border Security

On one hand, it’s good to have good border security. On another, it’s painfully obvious from its results that American border security vets their own people better than they vet illegal immigrants.

The customs officers talk to you like you’re a potential criminal, especially for traveling alone. I find this amusing and I’m used to it. You almost want to tell them that you were overseas seeing beautiful landscapes and banging beautiful women (some of them in the ass) like any red blooded man, but that probably wouldn’t be a good idea. The men who aren’t totally feminized can probably figure it out. If it’s a fat black woman with a jealous streak, it’s probably unwise to say too much.


I don’t need to be out of the United States to know that it’s been attacked by Cultural Marxism, feminism, and so forth. But a long trip certainly highlights this fact even further after being in a relatively normal culture for a while.

Sadly, in most countries overseas, most Americans stand out like sore thumbs. They’re overweight, they have tattoos, and they tend to act arrogantly. In America, it all blends in, but overseas you often know an American when you see one.

In the US, the average American doesn’t talk to each other, and the amount of discontent, especially in the women, is palpable. You’ll see that at least on city streets, people of various races stick mostly to themselves and don’t open up to people of other races. This is a general observation with many exceptions, but this is definitely something that you see a lot.


Traveling is an extremely rewarding experience for any man, and it is one of the best ways to spend your free time and money. Thoughts you may have had that need to be confirmed are often validated when you’re thousands of miles away.

You always learn more about your own country by being away from it for a while. On one hand, America is home, and it’s good to be home. On another, it’s always sad to come home and see with more clarity the shape that it is in. After returning from countries that are ironically more free and less Marxist, the process of entering America can almost feel like entering a prison. This is not to be entirely negative about America or to say that all of the country is bad, but rather to point out where it currently stands compared to the rest of the world.


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