Five Ways Traveling Spurs Your Masculine Self-Development

In lieu of my trip to South America for most of July, I decided that a travel related article would be appropriate. I live in America and take a lot of pride in traditional American and Western culture, hence the name of the website. When I get the opportunity, however, I am also a huge fan of traveling the world.

Traveling develops your mindset and masculine self-development in ways that you cannot predict or achieve by remaining in the same location. Whether you decide to just take a vacation, an extended or a permanent trip out of the West, it is damn near an absolute necessity to take time to see the rest of the world for the sake of personal self-development. The experiences that you will have and the lessons that you learn are critical for your growth and development as a man, and experiencing life outside of the West will greatly assist you in cleansing yourself of the perversions of the modern Western environment.

Remember: as men, but less specifically, as humans, we can adapt to virtually anything. While this is a great survival instinct that has helped us survive and pass on our genes throughout all of our history, this facet of our nature can be (and is) used against us. Our adaptive nature means that we acclimate to both the positive and the negative situations we are surrounded by. This is the key way that a perversion such as Cultural Marxism spread; from societal diffusion and human adaptation. This is one of many reasons it is critical to see entirely different environments.

Those who have never been outside the country in a meaningful way have never seen what the rest of the world has to offer. Most Americans will never travel in a significant way. The minority even own a passport. Of those that do travel, the majority travel by taking cruises to the Carribean, staying in resorts, and by isolating themselves from the realities of the places they go to. These are broad generalizations, of course, but they are generalizations for a reason.

A man concerned with his own enlightenment and self-development should generally avoid traveling in such a manner. Focus on life experiences, meeting locals, learning a new language(s), having unique non-touristy experiences, learning world history and culture, banging foreign women, and anything else that may be productive or useful. The uniqueness of your own experiences will develop you in ways you cannot anticipate, and will wow those that know you.

With this said, let’s go into more specifics about why you should take a unique holiday to a foreign destination.

1) You Will Remove Your Mind From Toxic Western Culture

Many red pill men have taken multiple steps to remove themselves from mainstream Western culture, whether they do it intentionally or just as a byproduct of learning the truth about the world. I advise at least skimming through that article to see if you have done all of the listed things yet.

However, even when you take the above steps, Marxist Western culture it still has a powerful, if subtle, effect on your mind. Again, culture spreads and diffuses to all of its members through socialization and adaptation. Even if you decide not to engage with the majority of people because they don’t meet your standards, a given location’s culture still has an effect on your life and your mindset. If you avoid engaging with most people because of their beliefs, for instance, instead of being in a region of the world that you actively engage in, it will affect you over a period of time. You often won’t notice it until you are far removed from the given location.

Therefore, it is refreshing to the mind and the soul to remove yourself from the West for a breath of fresh air. Seeing how people live, the way cultures develop, and so forth, will all spur your mindset and self-development. It’s interesting to see how people are seeing the same or similar events as you, living similar or different lifestyles, halfway across the world. It’s also amazing to see how red-pilled much of the world actually is, and how much a lot of cultures reject modern Western values.

The more analytical your mind is, and the more you interact with locals and open yourself up to new experiences, the more you can learn from everywhere you go. It is simply something that cannot be fully described by reading it on website; it must be experienced.

2) You’ll Learn More About Yourself Than You Ever Imagined

Again, it is absolutely impossible to predict every way in which traveling will develop you as a man. This is much of the fun and uniqueness of it. Everyone’s experiences vary, and the connections you create from your new experiences to your old experiences are absolutely unique. This is one of many reasons why well-traveled people are so interesting; they offer incredible amounts of unique value and insight to others.

You’ll also learn how you respond to events and situations that you cannot predict. Traveling teaches you how to plan, and it teaches you common sense and a degree of survival skills. The level of planning that it requires makes planning in your everyday life a lot easier. It teaches you lessons about other cultures that you’ll never learn by staying at home, and they will stay with you for the rest of your life.

As you grow and develop in a particular area, it’s hard to tell what developments you’ve made that will stick with you wherever you go, and what adaptations you’ve made because you are in a certain environment. Getting far away from your comfort zone will help you solve that question and ultimately make you a stronger, more complete man.

3) Bang Foreign Girls

Oh yes, my favorite. Fucking foreign women. American, and most Western women just can’t compete with your average South American, Asian, or Eastern European woman. If you haven’t experienced the taste of feminine, attractive foreign women (7’s and above), then you haven’t lived life yet. The only downside is that they make most Western women seem intolerable; but there’s little reason for you to tolerate Western women anyway.

Rather than being in a culture where American style hedonism is glorified, in many cultures the women respect the family unit, respect their own bodies, and have conservative values. It has been said before that if you want to learn more about a culture, look at its women. A weak culture will have rude, fat, tattooed feminist women, while a strong culture will have relatively conservative, respectful, traditional, sexy women.

Women are women, of course, and they will test your frame everywhere you go. However, instead of presenting themselves with general bitchiness, your average woman of the above listed nationalities tends to test you with much more class. If they don’t, the available pool of women with class is much higher than it is in most Western nations, so it’s very easy to move on.

Daygaming and night gaming are good methods of meeting foreign girls, but pipelining is the best tactic to line girls up before you arrive. Pipelining with the appropriate website can get you laid the first day you show up, if you do it properly and your game is sufficient. Note that there’s a Cupid site for just about any country you can go to, and the monthly fee (about $30) is absolutely worth it if you use it properly. You can easily use it for a few months and then cancel after your trip.

Don’t hold yourself to just pipelining though. Although it can be a great way to get girls, you should talk to girls in the street too. With the Cupid sites, and other sites depending on region, you can usually get some pretty high quality women, but quality does depend on location. Diversity your method of getting girls and know that you have a leg up by being a Westerner in most foreign countries (assuming you are one).

4) Your Mindset Towards the World Will Improve and/or Change

Traveling opens your mind up to experiences that you’ve never thought you’d see. The connections that you form in your mind are unique and invaluable to improve your mindset.

Your own problems seem less trivial when you’ve seen true third-world poverty. You learn to become more thankful for what you have. This, of course, does not mean you should become complacent, but rather to put your own life into perspective and respect the opportunities that you have been given.

Additionally, from traveling the world and meeting many people, you learn that your problems are not unique. There are likely millions, if not more, of people who have the exact same problem(s) as you do. Interacting with these people, seeing what their lives are like, and their perspectives of the world will truly improve your mindset and spur your self-development.

Most foreigners see the problems of the West with various perspectives that will open your mind up further. Some of the problems that we hear about virtually every day are trivial in other parts of the world. Cultural Marxist values such as modern day feminism, transexual and fat acceptance seem like a joke when you’ve seen people who are so poor that they have to work all day just to have shelter and something to eat.

Frankly, since everyone’s lives and situations are individual, there are too many ways to be written down in a short article about how traveling will change your mindset. You have to go out and do it.

5) Immersion is Critical for Language Learning

I started putting real effort into learning Spanish about six months ago. While I am not fluent yet, after about one to two hours a day of practice on average, I have learned enough Spanish vocabulary and grammar to have decent conversations and to set the groundwork for a lot more. Of course my conversation includes a very healthy dose of newbie grammar mistakes and occasional help from a dictionary or translator program, but that is part of the process.

After coming to Latin America, the immersion absolutely has taught me a lot more than studying from books, apps, and occasional small talk with Spanish speakers. I still need people to talk to me at a reasonable speed and clearly, however, and sometimes I don’t start conversations when I probably should. The confidence level is still getting there, but it is very early in my journey. The most important thing, however, is that I can communicate with people; especially the sexy women. True fluency in Spanish is my future goal, because it really unlocks an entire continent. The process itself is both humbling and confidence building, and it teaches you a hell of a lot about learning.

Almost everyone will tell you that the most important part of learning a foreign language is actively engaging with its culture and its speakers. You will learn the language out of necessity and out of immersion, assuming that they don’t all cater to you in English. Therefore, remember that you cannot just go to a foreign country, show up, and magically learn the language. You must engage with it.

Learning a widely used language such as Spanish is an excellent act of self-improvement, and necessary if you plan on doing any reasonable amount of traveling to a Latin American country. Spanish, in particular, is very useful worldwide because it’s so heavily spoken. There are many other useful languages that you can learn too, of course. Help yourself and everyone else out by picking up a free language learning program such as Duolingo, and then take a trip to a nation that speaks that given language.

El Final

There are few things you can do that will accelerate your masculine self-development as traveling. Get out there and challenge yourself to learn as much as you can from every experience you undergo. While relaxation mixed with a little hedonism is great when you travel, self-development should always be the end goal. Have fun, mind your own safety, and do things that are memorable and not typical of other travelers.

PS: Even if you don’t have a lot of money, there are always places you can visit for fairly cheap. From many parts of the US, round trip flights to countries like Colombia and the Dominican Republic can often be had for $400-500, and reasonable Airbnbs can be rented at $20-40 a night. That might cost you about $1000 for a week, with food and various other activities. If you don’t have $1000, then you should be actively putting yourself in a position where you can raise that type of money.

PPS: If you are planning a trip to Latin America, MyLatinLife has countless useful articles and resources on where to stay, how the girls are, city guides, how to pack, and so forth. I used his website a lot for my trip. Very highly recommended.

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