Masterful Links #10: Supreme Self Confidence, Conor McGregor, The Eight Hour Work Day, Time Management, The Western Power Structure, and Site Updates

Charlie from Charisma on Command gives his insight into why Connor McGregor is so confident.

It’s absolutely worth watching, but in a nutshell, his reasons are:

A) He has a ton of relevant experience.

B) He focuses on the things that he has control over.

C) He visualizes himself as the king and he visualizes himself fighting his opponent in every situation possible. Because of this, he is much better able to make his vision a reality.

Note that he says our nervous systems have a hard time differentiating between actual experiences and vivid imaginations. Very interesting insights. Overall, this is an excellent video absolutely worth watching.

The Eight Hour Workday Doesn’t Work – This is a quick and very useful read. More people are speaking out against the irrelevance of the eight-hour work day and the forty hour work week. The eight-hour work day is an old relic from the industrial era. Structured breaks allow workers to get a lot more done than those who don’t take breaks.

Read about what he says about the optimal productivity ratio: one hour on, then 15 minutes off doing something such as taking a walk. Very, very good stuff to know. This is the most natural way to be productive.

State Control – More insight by Rollo Tomassi, this time about emotional self-control. I won’t summarize this one. It’s a bit shorter and equally as insightful as his usual walls of text. Just read it.

A brief video sent to me by . Jay Abraham basically says that if you want to grow your business quickly, go to people who have spent way more time building their business and relationships then get them to promote or endorse you.

Six Tentacles of the Leftist Power Structure that Control Western Society – A particularly well written, detailed article on Return of Kings. What I like about this article, aside from the detail, is the fact that it’s not entirely self-defeating and it gives a very similar analysis that I would give. Instead of just saying “the globalists are winning and we’re all fucked”, he analyzes it from a three-dimensional perspective. He also shows the listed weaknesses of the above strategies by the left. I definitely recommend reading this.

And last, we have a good thread on time management on r/TheRedPill by Black Dragon. Pretty detailed and very practical. I like to see other people’s perspectives on topics that I have already written about extensively.

Site Updates:

I will be in South America most of July, so July may or may not be a slow month for Western Mastery. Pay attention, though, because plenty of great posts are coming down the road. If you haven’t read some of my prior posts, you may want to get caught up on reading about the ego and ego investments. The headlines of these two articles aren’t particularly clickbaity, so the articles haven’t gotten as many reads as many of my last ones, but the insight that they will provide your life will make them absolutely worth the read.

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