Eight Steps to Escape the Toxicity of Mainstream Western Culture

To the informed, it’s no secret that we are engulfed in a Marxist culture.

The Marxists, the elites, and the left have unfortunately done an impressive job at destroying our culture over approximately the past half-century. Despite this, the elites, in particular, have become sloppy and have shown difficulty adapting to the technology of today; particularly our access to free communication. As they struggle to control the narrative and as more people are waking up, we must do as much as we can to resist their influence.

There is absolutely no sense in wasting our lives as tools to a system designed to keep us as low testosterone slaves. The older I get, the more I have considered this. No man is perfect, and neither am I, but I am very thankful that I have been born with the intelligence, fortitude, and drive to become the man that I am today.

That is, I resist the narrative that I must be ashamed of my masculinity, that I am somehow equal to any masculinized, self-hating American woman, and that I am supposed to work a corporate job my whole life and live the life of a nobody, little more than a consumer who lives primarily to fulfill the dreams of someone else. I love to live, and I love to learn and grow as a man.

This is the epitome of what Western Mastery is all about. Being educated, being driven, being motivated to be the best version of yourself you can possibly become.

Depending on where you are along this journey, some of the following advice may be new, and some of it may be old-hat. I frequently say that many readers of sites like Western Mastery do many, but not all of these things. Some of these tips have been mentioned before, but I wanted to make an all-in-one resource for this particular article. Regardless of how far you are in this journey, this article is worth reading and reviewing.

Let’s get started, gentlemen.

1) Tune Out Popular Media

The media exists to profit financially while subverting society. Virtually all forms of entertainment have become low quality, leftism promoting garbage. Popular television is almost entirely bullshit, and the radio is full of autotuned nonsense that promotes the negative, trashy, modern American lifestyle. To say that the quality of music has taken a significant hit over the last few decades is an incredible understatement.

When you’re commuting and looking for something to listen to, fill the void with Audiobooks instead. There are countless useful books you can listen to, including books on Economics, Learning, Mindset, you name it. You can become well versed in a new subject during your time commuting. Listening to a complex audiobook is best done when your attention is not taken over by your environment, such as when you’re going through a commute that you are already used to in conditions that are not extraordinary. You can also listen to podcasts as well.

Instead of watching television, use a Chromecast and watch Youtubers that you’ve subscribed to who will give you useful information. The vast majority of television is total trash, and its usefulness declines each and every year. If you want to catch something on TV, you can typically find it online. The only thing I have plugged into my TV right now is a $35 Chromecast.

Additionally, learn where to get your media sources. Cut out the mainstream news and get your news from some of the online sources named in that article.

You should also minimize the amount of time you do things only for entertainment. Try to combine entertainment with something useful. For instance, if you’re playing a video game and learning a new language, play the video game in that language. I’ve said this multiple times before, but that’s because I think it’s such a great idea. And I am the man for coming up with it (alright fine, someone definitely did it before me, but shit).

2) Only Spend Your Time on Productive, Useful Things

Virtually all of your free time should be focused on doing something productive. Set goals for what you want to do. Start a journal to track your goals and create a chest of life memories. I highly recommend that you read this article for much more depth on increasing your productivity.

Every day, you should wake up and get started on your goals right away. Set goals such as hitting new PRs in the gym, approaches/numbers/lays for women, milestones for learning a new language, financial goals, goals in a hobby such as shooting, and so forth. Learn how attention works and combine tasks that are able to be combined, but not those that interfere with each other. Keep your mind focused on your mission and let everything else you can take a back seat.

It takes time to develop this mindset, but it is a mindset and lifestyle that you must achieve to be successful. It’s a lifestyle shift that separates the boys from the men. Work on setting and achieving real masculine goals, and the productivity will generally sort itself out on its own. You will realize you have to weed many negatives out in your life to achieve your goals.

3) Improve Your Nutrition, Health, and Fitness

Strong men are the bane of oppressive governments and the elite. This is why there is a war on masculinity. Cultural Marxism, Deep Soy, fluoride in the water, xenoestrogens, feminism, you name it; all of these factors aim to make us weaker. Click the above links for better understanding on those subjects.

Learn more about health and nutrition. Cut the soy and limit the processed sugar and vegetable oils in your diet. Eat low glycemic carbohydrates and approximately 0.8-1g of protein per pound of body weight. Throw a damn salad in there when you can. Make sure you are weight lifting with compound exercises and proper form: bench, squat, and deadlifts. Keep your body fat fairly low by taking in less calories than you burn, unless you are specifically trying to build muscle. Visit this site for ideas on a good routine.

If you take care of your body, you will take better care of your mind. You’ll live longer and you’ll be healthier. You’ll have more sex. Your mind will be much sharper, your anxiety and stress will be lower, and people will respect you much more. You’ll also make more money.

4) Consider Where Your Money Comes From

Where you get your money from matters more than almost anything. It determines how you spend your time, who you have to answer to, and an overwhelming percentage of your lifestyle.

If you make your money working at a corporate American job then you spend a lot of time surrounded by people that hate their careers and lives, and you’re always under the threat of the dreaded HR firing because you offended the wrong female. Whether an actual HR firing happens or not, it is always a threat that looms over you and has an oppressive influence on how you behave at work. In the long run, it’s hard to raise kids on a salary that can be taken away at the drop of a hat. This also has a negative effect on your mindset, even if it’s subtle. For starters, you might actually start to take women semi-seriously.

The best general career advice is to eventually get out of the American workforce and work for yourself, or work for a small group of men. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to switch careers. You can least get to a place in your career where you can call most of the shots. Do some research or brainstorm ways in your field that you can get to this point, and if you wish to pursue this route, develop a plan to make it happen.

You can also own a business, such as consulting, or use your skills to solve some other problem within your field and market it to others. Take your skills and figure out what you can do with them to develop the lifestyle and income that you desire. Set weekly, monthly, quarterly goals for your income and the position of your career.

No matter what you do, you should maximize your income in a way that is compatible with the lifestyle you want to live. You should minimize your expenses, invest wisely, develop a fuck-you fund, and aim for multiple income streams as a hedge against the risk of losing any one source of income.

If you don’t want to own a physical business, there are many ways to make money online. There are countless ways to make money online; you only have to start a website that is useful for the niche you’re aiming for. A site where you focus on a niche market that you know a lot about could earn you a significant chunk of change each month after it has been developed and is marketed properly. Earning a side (or even a full-time) income online is a very worthy goal.

Additionally, aim to pay off any debt that you owe, and minimize expenses that are unnecessary. Do you really still watch TV? Do you need certain memberships? Is there a way you can save money on food, energy, or something else? Can you get a lower interest rate on a loan? Go through your expenses and cut out what you don’t need. Even saving $100 a month saves you $1200 a year that you can easily spend doing something else.

No matter what you do, you should always work on improving your skills and your talent stack. Once you have built up your talent in multiple skills and learn how to expand and market them, you will have many paths available, and sometimes times things will come to you on their own.

5) Eliminate or Seriously Limit Relationships with the Indoctrinated

Your time is valuable. You want to make sure you are spending your time around the right people. Don’t hang around blue-pilled men without a damn good reason. Either spend your free time hanging around winners that will help you achieve your goals, or spend time around nobody at all while you aim to constantly improve and take yourself to the next level. Only add people to your life that provide value to you.

Your standards for relationships with women must be different than men, of course, because you need them to fuck and reproduce. Vet your women wisely. If a girl is only good for sex, then only use her for sex. If she spits out feminist or you-go-girl bullshit, which she almost inevitably will if she’s westernized, then shun her, laugh at her, or ignore it, especially if you’re only in it for a short-term fling. If she spits out this type of nonsense, don’t take her seriously as a long term relationship, and never encourage it. Ever.

Any girl that you date seriously must be committed to you. Make sure she has a low partner count, acts feminine, fucks you well, and does what you ask her to do without making a big deal out of your requests. This is best done with foreign women. If you can find a western woman like this, then more power to you.

You must set the standards for any relationship in your life. Demand that people meet your standards, and you will find that many people will conform to what you want. If they don’t, they simply don’t need to be a part of your life. When your mind is on your mission, you will naturally only let people in your life who will help you achieve your goals.

6) Educate Yourself 

This goes without saying if you are a regular visitor of Western Mastery, and probably if you stumbled upon this website by accident. You must educate yourself on all subjects that affect your life, and reexamine most of the old subjects that you thought you knew from school.

The more you learn, the more you realize that you have to take action in your life to avoid the lies around you. Men really have a full plate on their hands, because there have been so many lies told to them.

Additionally, learn how to learn effectively. Read a lot on subjects such as history, economics, politics, world events, and so forth. Pick up masculine hobbies.

I think you get the picture. I’ve probably said this stuff 500 times by now.

7) Pay it Forward: Educate Other Men

This may not necessarily help your own escape from Western culture, but it helps to pay it forward. Look for men who don’t know it all, but are susceptible to becoming red-pilled and/or learning more about the related subjects that affect them.

You’ll find that most higher-T men (primarily those that lift weights and/or work manual labor jobs) are susceptible to learning red-pill ideas but still have many blue-pill beliefs and values. The biggest problem I see is that a lot of men understand that the system has cheated them, but they don’t fully understand the extent. Additionally, many of them aren’t willing to take every step that they have to in order to get out of the system and improve themselves.

The degree to which you push people is up to you, but you can at least start by finding men who will give you the least resistance while you educate them. You can at least educate men on things that they will readily understand and won’t resist.

Hell, just send them to this website, or another Manosphere website. You’ve acquired much of your knowledge through sites like this one, so do Western civilization a favor by paying it forward.

8) Travel, and/or Move Out of the West Entirely

There are few things more eye-opening than taking a break from the West.

Traveling is an incredible experience. Aside from seeing other cultures and opening yourself to a wide variety of unique experiences, you will be able to separate yourself from toxic Western culture. It’s refreshing and eye-opening to be in more conservative, traditional cultures that don’t argue about the issues you see in the West, along with much lower rates of obesity.

Additionally, you will be able to have sex with beautiful, feminine women that love foreigners. Be warned, however, that most men have a hard time coming back to American women after they’ve experienced many nationalities of foreign women in their natural habitat.

Additionally, many of the Western men you will meet overseas are fairly red-pilled; which is one of the reasons they are out of the West in the first place.

If you choose to stay in the West for financial reasons, for family reasons, or some other reason; that’s up to you. However, it’s advisable to at least take a vacation to a country far removed from Western values, such as countries in Asia, Eastern Europe, or Latin America, and then decide if you really want to stay in the West. Many red-pill men choose to move out entirely.


When you have withdrawn from the system as much as possible, it feels odd to see bits and pieces of what your life could have been like had you stayed a part of it. For instance, listening to autotuned music on the radio makes me disgusted that I used to actually like that garbage. Listening to weak men discuss their blue-pilled ideas on women makes me thank God (I say that non-religiously) that I discovered the Manosphere, so I do not take them seriously.

You only have one life. There is no sense in wasting it as the subservient slave that the elites want you to be. Instead of being emasculated, misinformed, and ignorant, you have the power to become masculine, informed, and refined.

Even if you’re far into the process, you want to ensure that you have withdrawn from the system as much as you possibly can by taking all of the above steps in this article, not just some of them.

A mind free from the perversions of Marxist Western culture is a healthy mind. It is the same type of mindset many of our ancestors had; a free mind, free of behavioral and cultural perversions. We must strive to be the best men we can possibly become. One of the most important steps to that end is to eliminate the poison that seeks to afflict our minds.

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