Masterful Links #9: Life’s Crucial Lessons, Mastering Your Mind, Gender Pronouns, Travel Packing, Western Civilization, Site Updates, and More

10 Crucial Life Lessons That I Wish Someone Told Me Earlier – James Maverick, in my opinion, is one of the best writers in the Manosphere. He offers a ton of introspection and life wisdom in his writing. This article is absolutely worth reading. You may very well read something here that will give you insight that will help you look at things differently forever.

5 Appearance Hacks To Make You More Attractive – Patrick Kenger goes over five easy ways to increase your attractiveness to women. A quick read, and there’s probably some things you haven’t thought of before that you can implement fairly easily.

How To Master Your Mind – Charisma on Command goes over how your own mind gets in the way of your success. Learn how to conquer your emotions and perceptions. Virtually all successfull people will tell you that your own beliefs are among the most important tool that you have at your disposal. Remember that your beliefs are formed from an association of pain and pleasure. You have to consciously examine your beliefs and consciously change the negative ones until your new beliefs become instinctive. He makes the point that it only takes a few days of going through his system to shift your attitude toward something.

Free Speech, Psychology, and Gender Pronouns – Jordan Peterson discusses the listed subjects and more in his usual insightful style. The section around 1:06:00 is particularly interesting, as he talks about his experience with gender pronouns in a lot of detail.

Minimalist DIY Travels Essentials – Travel time is here for a lot of us. These guys have a lot of great insights into the best stuff to put into your backpack.

48 Laws of Power, Illustrated by Illaceterus – Illaceterus has a ton of excellent, well-illustrated videos on many masculine self-development subjects. I absolutely recommend that you check out his channel, especially his videos on each of the 48 laws of The 48 Laws of Power.

Jealous of the Alpha Male at Work – Captain Capitalism discusses why Alpha males get away with murder in the workplace. From my experience this is absolutely true, but even as a man who gets away with too much, if you say the “wrong thing” at the “wrong time” (i.e. you offend a low self-esteem female during the wrong time of the month) you’ll get caught in some backstabbing HR bullshit. This is one of many reasons you aim to get your money outside of the American workforce. If you aim to get ahead, however, in work or in other aspects of life, you must be practical and understand how the world works. Maximize your value as a man and get to the next level by playing the game for what it is. Be charming, be good looking, and be damn good at what you do — in that order of importance.

Virtually all of Stefan Molyneaux’s content, including his news videos and his videos on history, is very insightful. You can tell that I think highly of him by the number of times that I link to him. In this video, he discusses how Western civilization has been undermined. There are many great points here, including how men have been driven away from education, how government has taken over education and forced its citizens into it, and how women are weaponized against freedom by making them more dependent on the state.

Site Updates:

Western Mastery hit 10k page views after about six months. Not bad for six months of existence with an average of 10-15 hours of work a week. There’s always room to improve and grow, of course. There will be plenty of great articles coming in the near future.

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