Is It Best to Learn the World’s Inconvenient Truths, or Is Ignorance Bliss?

They say that “ignorance is bliss.”

It’s an old saying that we’ve all heard countless times. It suggests that you’ll be happier if you don’t know what’s really going on in a particular situation, or about the world in general. From a world view, it suggests that the forces of the world are too powerful and/or negative, and learning about them is detrimental to your happiness.

This term was coined by a poet named Thomas Gray, who used it in Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College. You probably didn’t know that. Until the other day, neither did I. However, in the ode, he does not use the phrase to promote ignorance, but rather to reflect on the ignorance of his younger years.

So the phrase today is misconstrued from its original meaning. One could still argue that the phrase, as it is commonly used today, has truth to it in many circumstances. A man who just learned that his wife was cheating on him for ten years, for instance, might be inclined to agree.

But is it always true? Strictly from a happiness perspective, is it best to not know any unsavory details that could upset you? Specifically for the modern man who strives for self-fulfillment and to escape from the lies of the modern world, would he be happiest if he never learned about the endless number of lies around him in the first place?

The Truth Will Set You Free, But First It Will Piss You Off

Like many expressions, the term “ignorance is bliss” is selectively used to fit in situations where it may indeed be advantageous for a person to be ignorant of what goes on around them. However, this does not describe every situation and how a person responds to it.

This is particularly true for men who are first introduced to the red pill. Learning the reality about women and countless other related subjects can be a very bitter pill to swallow. This is especially true when one’s ego is deeply invested in what they thought they knew when they first get introduced to the red pill.

For many men, being exposed to red pill information creates cognitive dissonance, which makes it virtually impossible for them to accept the truth. This usually only changes when a situation in their lives causes them to hit rock bottom and reevaluate what they thought they knew.

This is not the case for everyone, however, and it was not the case for me. I discovered the Manosphere in my very early twenties, young enough and at a point in my life that it just aided me in my understanding of women and the world around me.

I was naturally curious, and even though I (embarrassingly) was a liberal at the time, it greatly aided me to open my mind towards not just the nature of women, but countless other subjects as well. This includes shifting my political approach primarily towards libertarianism once I learned economics and started applying my knowledge of gender dynamics and other related subjects to my worldview.

Of course, there are those who have experienced the opposite. Many men get pissed off after they realize that everything they’ve heard about the world has been a lie. Learning about subjects such as the true nature of women, forces in the world such as Globalism, and the incredible amount of other lies you have been told your entire life can piss a very reasonable man off.

What You Don’t Know Will Still Hurt You

Even if you choose to shut your mind out to the realities of the world, its inner workings will still hurt you. You may not know about a disease that poisons your body or society’s cancer that poisons your mind, but it’s still poisoning you. In many cases, this ignorance will affect your quality of life and your happiness in the long run, whether you choose to confront it head-on or not.

This is one reason why I encourage men to not shut their minds out to politics and other world events. You must know what’s going on in the world and how it affects you. Whether you choose to indulge in political media every day is up to you; it can certainly be very provocative, so you may want to limit it to a few days a week.

It’s ideal to balance it out and have an understanding of how it affects your life, without getting too deep into it unless necessary. Regardless of how you choose to consume your political media, you should not be ignorant of what’s going on in the world around you.

If you learn about a new topic such as nutrition, and it leads you to the inconvenient facts about “Deep Soy,” are you initially happier knowing that everything that you need to learn about being healthy? No, probably not. You’ll likely be at least mildly annoyed that so many things out there do harm to your body, and that there’s practically a conspiracy to lower your testosterone levels. However, as you increase your quality of life by cutting out the crap from your diet and lifestyle, you’ll end up happier that you did it.

Now, think of your average American male. He may know a few red-pill truths, whether he realizes it or not, but he still takes the uneducated and easier road in life. He watches football religiously every Sunday, he mostly plays video games in his free time and he has little ambition past his job. He doesn’t take care of his diet. He may have gone to college and now has a corporate job, and he may believe in true love, so he gets married to a slutty American wife that eventually cheats on him, divorce-rapes him, and steals his earnings.

He may not have initially known about the forces that conspired against him, but is he really happy because he didn’t take the red pill, especially if he ends up going through hell and has to pay his wife alimony and child support for the next several decades?

Of course he isn’t — at first, at least.

If he learns from his mistakes, his life experience has the potential to make him a much stronger man in the long run. This is particularly true if he combines this with Red Pill knowledge and, just as importantly, appropriate action to significantly improve his life.

Knowledge Will Free You If You Allow It

You must both swallow the red pill and act upon it to become a much greater man.

Men must always be aware of the culture war that is being waged upon them. There is a lot of bullshit out there. Remember that you have control over your own life, and if you take the steps to become a complete man and see the world for what it is, you have the ability to be much happier than you’ve ever been before you took this journey.

The purpose of learning about the realities of the world around you is to give you the knowledge and power to do what you want with it. You may attempt to ignore it, you may use it to make your life better and live as free and well-off as possible, or you may choose to actively fight against the system. No matter what you choose, you have been given the power to respond in the manner you desire.

I am happier as a man than I would be had I never known what the red pill was, and everything that I learned afterward. I chose to use the knowledge that I gained by reading the Manosphere, significantly improve my own life by cutting out the bullshit around me, and I am now choosing to give back and add to the discussion.

Although the realities of the world are harsh, we live in a time of incredible access to information. We also have access to incredible wealth, incredible resources, and the god damn internet, which is easily one of the most revolutionary tools humans have ever introduced. We have the ability to learn more about the world than anyone in the past ever could have. There may be many negatives to the modern era, but there are also many positives.

Remember that your life is what you make of it. You have been given the knowledge that you need to succeed, simply by visiting Western Mastery and other Manosphere sites. It is your own fault if you don’t use that knowledge to make your life significantly better.

A Brief Counterpoint

Whether it is misconstrued from its original usage or not, the phrase “ignorance is bliss” would not be stated so frequently if it didn’t have a lot of truth to it. There are situations where ignorance could indeed make you happier, particularly in the short run. Learning sobering realities towards childhood heroes, your girlfriend cheating on you, and a cancer diagnosis of a loved one are all examples of situations where ignorance may indeed make you happier.

The more of a negative emotional reaction one has towards a situation, the more it will make them unhappy; but the more they will learn from it in the long run. This is simply an aspect of human nature.

Even in tough situations, it is important for you to learn and become more realistic and practical about your knowledge of the world. In the long run, short term pain should cause greater knowledge and practicality. Both of these will assist you in future success.


This article should be food for thought on this subject. Aside from certain situations, I don’t think that most readers of this website would willfully allow themselves to be ignorant to be happier. It’s simply not the general mindset of the demographic of Manosphere readers.

We can conclude that whether or not “ignorance is bliss” depends on multiple factors, including but not limited to: your approach toward life, what you have just learned, your ability to handle adversity, what type of situation you are surrounded by, what you do with the knowledge you acquired, and what options are available to you. If you have a powerful internal locus of control that you act upon, knowledge becomes freedom and power.

In a situation where you learned some inconvenient but potentially life-changing reality, you must respond accordingly and become a more reasoned man. If you wallow in sorrow and play the victim mindset, you will be less happy and it will affect your mindset permanently. If you respond powerfully, like a man, almost any given event in life that is initially seen as a negative will ultimately become a positive. Adversity in life will make you the complete package, a man who is capable of powering through tests and challenges and can respond to life events with experience and decisiveness.

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