The Red Pill Is Only the Tip of the Iceberg

Many men, if not most, initially swallow the red pill to improve their skills with women. In the process, they learn much more about sexual dynamics, divorce rape laws, hypergamy, alongside with many other crucial, interconnected concepts.

The term “red pill” has become adopted by other alternative and conservative groups to mean “understanding the truth” about other subjects that most of the public don’t understand, especially political elements such as the nature of the deep state, the media, and so forth. It has also been intentionally misused by groups such as the mainstream media and feminists to forward their agendas.

However, there are many who will tell you that taking the red pill and understanding red pill philosophy only refers to understanding the true nature of women, feminism, game, and gender dynamics.

After having a very brief discussion about this on Twitter, I evaluated my usage of the term and I now choose to define the red pill the way it was originally defined; that is, understanding the true nature of women. This is namely because I would prefer to honor the term as it was originally conceived, and I would prefer that the term does not get heavily diluted and misused the way it is today.

Regardless of terminology, however, it is clear that those who become red-pilled begin to understand much more about other related subjects. Once you first understand red pill philosophy, it opens your mind up much further to lies you have been told. You are greater open and able to learn the truth about these lies, along with countless others that modern men are fed.

We are truly in an unprecedented time as men. While many of our ancestors fought physical wars, we are engaged in a cultural and informational war. We must fight against those who undermine us.

Our war is not a physical one at this time, but instead one of information, ideology, and lifestyle. Once you have opened your mind to this reality, it is truly inescapable. You cannot go back to viewing things how you previously viewed them.

In an era of unprecedented access to information, the sheer quality and quantity of information one can learn about the world is truly amazing. Yet at the same time, it’s amazing how many are resistant to this information.

Never before have men had so much access to useful information at their fingertips — yet perhaps like never before, there have been forces at play to repress masculinity at its core and attack both the understanding and the will to comprehend this type of information.

This may very well be one of the greatest paradoxes of our time.

Understanding this paradox and other inconvenient truths that the red pill offers is critical. The red pill is like a gateway drug that opens you to more and more truth until you realize that the number of lies you have been exposed to as a man truly surrounds you and will absolutely destroy you if you allow it.

That is the reason why sites like Western Mastery exist: to recognize these lies and to give men the knowledge and power to take control of their own lives.

The Red Pill Starts With Women

We will briefly start with what most red-pill men already know.

Understanding the truth about the world should start with swallowing the red pill; i.e, understanding women and gender dynamics. If you happen to be new to this concept, r/TheRedPill, Heartiste, and Rollo Tomassi are among the best resources to get started.

Red pill philosophy and truths open you up to many practical, and often inconvenient, realities about women.

For instance, you will learn that women are hypergamous and cheat out of opportunity; that is, when they meet the right guy who knows how to press their buttons. They also respond poorly to men who take them seriously. Even the careerist types who “demand respect” respond to total and utter dominance, despite what society tells them to strive for.

When you learn red-pill information like this and you apply it to your life, you will have improved your product (yourself) and your sales (your game). Naturally, you will also have gained a significant understanding of how women really work. The simple fact that you took the time and effort to open yourself to the inconvenient truths of the red-pill will make you considerably more open to other inconvenient truths.

The following includes six subjects that you’ll be primed to understand much better after taking the red pill. These subjects are essential for red pill men to learn in order to expand their self-development and understanding of the world. These subjects work together in a tandem, but by no means are they an exhaustive list of what one can learn after becoming red pilled.

1. Politics and Media

There’s little doubt that trust in politicians is at an all-time low, even among those who are clueless about what is actually going on in the government and media.

Since politics is intimately interconnected with society, many red pill truths you learn spill over into your understanding of politics.

As you understand more laws of sexual dynamics, as you hear about nonsense such as the debunked pay gap, you see clearly unfair divorce-rape laws, among a laundry list of countless lies that are difficult to list here, you understand more and more about politicians’ and the elite’s motives.

For many, politics comes first, and then they become red-pilled afterward and it spills further back into politics. Regardless of the order that this may occur, you will see many overlaps between your understanding of sexual dynamics and politics; learning about one helps you learn about the other.

Conservative men will find this guide to the media helpful. You learn that the mainstream media is out there to manipulate you into being a subservient consumer who works the 9-5 and does nothing but consume, watch Netflix, and marry a washed-up American whore.

Politicians want the exact same because it makes you easy to control. You only have one life, and these people aim to make you waste your entire life as a low-T slave subservient to their control.

2. Healthcare, Fitness, and Nutrition

Taking the red pill leads many men to get into better shape if they weren’t exercising already. It also tends to lead men to understand more about nutrition and taking care of their body.

While America has great healthcare technology, its system is entirely backward and wildly overpriced. Instead of focusing on primary prevention, it focuses on tertiary prevention: stopping diseases after they occur.

Among many reasons for this is that this is extremely profitable to Big Pharma and insurance companies. Another reason is that politicians sell their “fixes” to the healthcare system for votes, but their fixes always end up breaking the system even worse because government intervention virtually always leads to catastrophic side effects. This is a discussion for another day, but in a nutshell, all of these problems work in tandem to break the healthcare system.

In addition to understanding a broken health care system, one has to concern themselves with “Deep Soy.” This term was coined recently, I believe by Michael Mason, who seems to enjoy making memes a past-time of his. This one is particularly humorous and, conspiracy or not, it has a lot of evidence behind it.

I highly recommend clicking this link to greater understand why “Deep Soy” is such an issue, why your testosterone levels are under attack from the environment, and which things you are exposed to daily attack your testosterone levels and health.

Additionally, note that fitness is essential for men. Among the best resources are the outside links here. You absolutely must work out, doing full body, compound lifts, with occasional cardio for general fitness. Keep your body fat levels under check. This is not just for your general health, sex life, and testosterone levels, but to combat against society’s constant attempts to emasculate you.

3. Society

When you learn the unpleasant realities of a society that has been engulfed by Cultural Marxism, you cannot unsee them.

The realization that American women readily accept anti-male beliefs, engage in rampant hypergamy and cheating, masculinize their behavior, and toil their entire lives to work jobs that they hate is particularly striking. Even feminine girls from foreign countries come to America and become corrupted within a matter of months.

One aspect of society that I believe is frequently understated is that many people, not just men, have some level of understanding that they have been lied to. I have seen that society at large, especially men, can accept red pill truths about women and truths about the world in limited amounts, particularly if they are presented in a way that doesn’t offend them.

With most people, you have to be careful of offending their egos when you present Red Pill truths to them. Many women are susceptible to realizing at least some of these truths as well, especially if they come from the mouth of an alpha male.

Of course, the majority of people are blue or “purple” pilled. Most will spill out blue-pill statements out of habit. You can’t entirely blame them for all of this; most are not intelligent enough to see through it. Others haven’t been exposed to the truth, and others are not willing to accept what they may have just heard.

Focus on dealing out red pill truths onto those who you can. Don’t take it personally if someone can’t take your advice; many simply cannot accept it out of a matter of ego investment.

Overall, you should have a practical, realistic understanding of society and interact with people accordingly. You should deal out red pill philosophy and wisdom onto those who can accept the message while cutting out the noise that negatively impacts you as a man. Only form relationships with those who are like-minded and will help you achieve your goals. Minimize your reliance on others and only date feminine women.

4. Your Income

Where you get your money is critical to your well-being and lifestyle. You need to maximize your value as a man and figure out how to market it. If you focus your time on self-fulfilment and self-improvement, you will naturally become a man of value. It then becomes a matter of how you market your abilities and expand on what you already know.

Going to college and getting a corporate job is no longer the recommended path by many red-pilled men. The cons simply outweigh the pros in most cases.

If you have a day job, there’s a great chance you’re going to be working around all sorts of whiny women that hate their job. Working with women becomes a balancing act where you pretend to take them seriously when they do something important, but where you know that their emotional outbursts and drama is a bunch of bullshit that you are below, no matter how high their ranking is in the company that you work for. You have to watch for backstabbing, general cuntery, and HR complaints if God forbid you offend the wrong female, or if you’re just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

One of my favorite resources on this topic is Captain Capitalism. He often discusses the issues with the American education system and the workforce. Very few can say it better than he does.

All of this said, many red-pill men begin to understand that it is unwise to go to college for many years to put yourself in debt, work for companies who don’t care about you and will fire you the instant you become an inconvenience, and to surround yourself with the neuroticism and emotions of American women who were misled into believing that entering the working world would somehow make them more happy.

If you’ve already made this mistake, like your beloved author has, then you should either your own niche within the field you’re in, such as consulting, or start your own business, work only with a small like-minded group of men, or you should exit it entirely and start an online business or another pursuit.

If you’re still in Corporate America, continue to maximize your skills, value, and charisma. This maximizes your current income and value and minimizes the risk of losing your job while you enact an action plan to either get out of it entirely and/or to minimize your risks and the negative environment you have to subject yourself to every day. If you are a man of value, you will have many optionsEnact a plan of action to earn your money outside of the standard corporate system.

5. Your Lifestyle

The knowledge that you acquire from taking the red pill must become a guiding principle for your lifestyle. You must understand how red pill truths and principles fit into your life, and you should adjust your lifestyle accordingly.

Red pill men follow the rogue path of self-fulfillment and masculinity, rather than the path that poisoned American society carved out for them. They take the abundance mentality, both with women and with life. They must also understand that while women are hedonistic pursuits, they should come second to their mission in life.

As mentioned, you should start to get your money outside of the Corporate American system. You must aim to maximize your freedom and spend your money on experiences instead of a bunch of useless consumerism that holds you down and has little to no positive effect on your lifestyle.

Unless you have a massive cash flow, you should minimize your unnecessary expenses and save up your money so you have more freedom and a safety net if things go wrong. Only spend time with people who are worth it, and only date and fuck women who act like women.

6. Economics

You must learn about the federal reserve. You must learn real economics. You must understand how the monetary system works, and how it makes you poorer and a slave to the system. What you are taught in school about economics is a series of lies designed to make you think that government intervention into the economy is necessary.

Men must understand how money works because money determines how people act. Where people go, the money follows. Money is manipulated by the government and central banks to what they perceive to be their advantage. Learn how to save your money and invest and hedge in assets that will store and/or enhance your wealth.

If you have a solid understanding of economics, you will be much better with your own money and you can much more easily describe and predict human behavior and world events. It will make you a smarter businessman and a more intelligent man overall.


Understanding women is only the tip of the iceberg for red pill men. Red-pill men must (and generally do) open their minds up to all of the other lies that they have been exposed to.

This is not an exhaustive list of all subjects, but they are among six of the most important subjects that must be understood. The key for red-pill men is to extend their knowledge of the world well beyond sexual dynamics, to constantly keep an open mind and always keep themselves open to self-improvement and self-fulfillment.

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