The Abundance Mentality is an Essential Approach to Life

The “abundance mentality” is frequently described as a mindset to adopt while approaching women. The abundance mentality is the thought process that there are many women out there, and you’re a high-value man that countless women want to fuck. Any given girl can take it or they can leave it, but regardless, you will get laid sheerly because of your high sexual value and ability to meet countless new women.

This mentality, combined with other traits women find attractive, will undoubtedly get you far with them. As they attempt to bring you into their frame, especially during the initial courtship phase, a true internalization of the abundance mentality will make the right words and actions come out and force them to fall into your frame instead. This is a mindset that all women test for, and as all red-pilled men know, they want you to pass — but they cannot hold your hand throughout the process. Evolutionarily, they are designed to determine your self-worth because it gives them the best idea of what your value as a man actually is to them.

The abundance mentality does not stop with women, however; it works in almost all aspects of life. This means that you know you have the talent to get what you want, and what you want is eventually coming to you regardless of the source. You do not have to rely on any one specific person or thing to achieve your goals because your value to society is so high. This mentality has some limits with certain high-risk high-reward undertakings, but it is a general mindset that works extremely well.

A man of value knows that his value is not just high with women, but within society as a whole. Because of this, high-value men are capable of earning money in many ways, they are greater capable of choosing their engagements, and people simply want to be around them. Thus, the abundance mentality can also apply to factors such as relationships with others, how a man chooses to achieve his many goals, and how a man can acquire an income.

Evolutionarily, the strongest, smartest, most relentless men are the ones that reach the top. Building yourself up to that point and developing an abundance mentality is largely a matter of dedication. An abundance mentality typically comes on its own, but “faking it until you make it” can provide some benefits as well. Additionally, sometimes even successful men need to be reminded of their value and options.

Developing the Abundance Mentality

A man of high value understands that his value does not stop with women. A man who maximizes his charisma, value, fitness and his skill set in multiple useful disciplines sees success and sees a major improvement in the way that people respond to him.

The development of this mindset is a process that takes some time. The mindset comes from the success that stems from becoming a complete man. It takes the process of maximizing your strengths and building your talent stack. It also takes real world success at multiple disciplines.

Additionally, you must design your life in a way that maximizes your freedom and options. Maximize your skills. Minimize your unnecessary expenses while you maximize your income from multiple sources. Maximizing your freedom allows you to maximize your own abundance mentality. You must also work on your game and get laid.

When you have successfully done these things, you will have greater control of your own life. You will know your value, and you have relative mobility and freedom to choose your position and engagements. Anyone who wants to enter your life in a significant manner can either provide value to you or be quickly discarded. All of these realizations add up to the eventual development of the abundance mentality.

Even if you haven’t quite taken all of the above steps, “faking it until you make it” helps. This is especially true of gaming women, where even men new to the game find that they get much better responses from women when they consciously adapt the abundance mentality. People, in general, can smell a man who just doesn’t give a fuck, and they respond to it accordingly. Ultimately, however, you have to back up your words and mentality with actions.

Additionally, some men must be reminded that if they have many skills already and are in an unenviable position in their lives, they almost always have the ability to change what they are doing. Sometimes it takes multiple major changes in a man’s life to internalize that he can change at will. One of the worst mistakes one can make is to not know your own value. Even successful men occasionally need to be reminded of this.

The Abundance Mentality Becomes Your Frame

When you adopt the abundance mentality, you will find that many people will fall into your frame immediately. You don’t take it personally when people don’t, because your mentality is that people can either take or leave what you have to offer.

You will see that when your frame gets tested, you can laugh off the vast majority of these tests. This is especially true of women. It matters very little, if at all, what anyone says or does to you because your objective value to the world is unaffected by these tests.

The exceptions may be in business situations, if someone valuable attempts to destroy your reputation in a meaningful way, and if someone attempts to attack you physically. Of course, there are ways to prepare yourself for these situations, both mentally and physically.

Benefits of this Mindset

The abundance mentality has many benefits for men. For starters, it reduces anxiety. When things go wrong, you know you can handle the situation. If you lose a job, for instance, you know you can acquire your money elsewhere. This leads to a significant decrease in daily anxiety if your income may be threatened, or if any other adversity comes up.

If you feel like you need to learn a new skill for any reason, the abundance mentality you have developed from developing previous skills will allow you to say “I only need to take the time to learn it, and it would be a matter of time before I become good at it.”

If you adopt this mentality, you know that there is a market for your talents, especially if you have a fundamental understanding of human nature and economics, and where you fit into the picture. A healthy, strong, intelligent man can succeed at countless disciplines that he puts his mind to.

After you have tasted a significant level of success, you will notice the amount of respect and utility that you have to those around you. If your charisma is good, you will notice that many people simply want to be around you. You make them feel good to be around, and your success speaks for itself. People generally prefer to be around successful people, hence celebrity worship.

This mentality will also give you more control over your own life. The simple perception of having more control — knowing that you can leave situations in life when you don’t want to be in them, will give you more control. Additionally, designing your lifestyle in a way that gives you more control will help you with this mindset. This allows you to have a greater choice of your engagements. When people want you to be around them, you have a greater choice of who to be around.

And of course, an abundance mentality will give you a greater choice with women. All things being equal, simply adopting the mindset will change their reactions to you as you find them responding to your frame. If you have many women in your harem, the abundance mentality will be a natural byproduct of your success with them, the same way it is a natural byproduct of general life success.


Adopt the abundance mentality into your life and use it to drive you towards more life options and greater success. Although this mindset is typically a byproduct of life success, sometimes, even successful men need a reminder that they have a lot of control over what they can do in their lives. Simply by adopting this mentality and designing a life that allows for it, you will find that you have less anxiety and significantly more options in your life.

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