Do You Take the Hedonistic Path of Self Destruction, or the Path of Self Fulfillment and Masculinity?

Life is full of choices that eventually define who you are as a man. Ultimately, you have two major roads you can go down that will direct your life choices on a much larger scale.

You can take the easier road: the road of short-sightedness, hedonism, and eventual self-destruction. This is the road that mainstream Western society sets you up for. You can hack it through the perverse American education system through college, get a soul-crushing corporate job, indulge in senseless consumerism, and marry your average promiscuous and masculinized American woman. This is the most commonly taken road that has led to a significant decline in masculinity, testosterone levels, happiness, and self-reliance in society at large. This road is for the hedonistic, weak-willed, weak-minded, and it is ultimately self-destructive to the mind and body.

Alternatively, you can take the road that is much less traveled: the road of masculinity and self-fulfillment. This is the more challenging but infinitely more rewarding path. If you take this path, you take care of your health, you undertake masculine and useful disciplines, you have significant choice in the women that you fuck, you challenge your body and mind, and you have much greater control over your own life.

If you follow this road, you put real effort every single day of your god damn life into becoming the best man you can become. This mindset drives you and it is the essence of your very being as a man.

Almost any red pill man has at least begun to take the latter road. The question for these men is how far they have taken it. Even the overwhelming majority of men who have taken the red-pill can still undergo many improvements to their lives.

Now, let’s discuss both possible paths in detail.

The First Path: Hedonism, Weakness, and Self-Destruction

This path involves a plethora of mistakes that ultimately build up and corrupt those who follow it. This is the easier path that the majority of Western men follow.

Men who follow this path generally take poor care of their bodies, work a corporate job for the rest of their lives, and foolishly marry American women. They don’t control their diet, they may drink excessively and/or smoke. They don’t exercise properly, if at all. They hide from their failures rather than use them to as a barometer of where they are in life. They take women seriously and believe in gender equality because Western culture says that they should.

This path is initially easier and requires much less self-discipline, but it is brutal to the mind and spirit. As men who follow this path are forced to deal with the constant stress of a daily job in modern America where 1/4 of their female coworkers have to take anti-depressants just to get by, as they absorb the poison of Cultural Marxism, and as they become maladjusted to the realities of the world, they become more out of shape mentally and physically. Their souls are steadily drained from them.

This is the path of hedonism and eventual self-destruction. This is the path of the foolish, the unwise, and the weak. It is the road most traveled because life has become too easy in the West. When life is too easy, society becomes weaker. Because people have gone through significantly fewer hardships, ideologies such as leftism and feminism can usurp the culture. People indulge in and glorify hedonism and other perversions.

The world builds upon people who follow this path. Their ego becomes built up around this mindset and lifestyle of inadequacy. They have a much harder time adapting to the adversities that inevitably occur in their lives. They never taste the success of reaching their true potential, and they are the ones more likely to have physical and mental health problems as they get older.

This is the road that Cultural Marxist Western society desires you to take. Remember that Cultural Marxism was introduced to the Western world to undermine its cultural foundations. It has been largely successful, but it is fortunately under attack by stronger individuals who can observe its many flaws and have the resolve to fight against it.

The good news is that it is not inevitable to follow down this path. Most of the damage that one may have done to their body, lifestyle or mindset can begin to be reversed at any time by taking the second path. If you follow this first path, you absolutely must change your life and follow the second path instead.

The Second Path: Self-Fulfilment and Masculinity

The second path is the rogue path of masculinity and self-fulfillment. This is the road that is much less traveled; the one that much fewer men have the intelligence, discipline, and willpower to follow.

If you follow this road, you only date and have sex with feminine women. You constantly seek to improve yourself every day; your masculinity, your skills, your relationships, and your power. You ignore the many attempts of a sick society to influence you by eliminating everything that you don’t need to become the best man you can become. Instead, you follow only reasonable and meaningful masculine pursuits. You believe that you have a powerful internal locus of control because you have tasted success and you know how to recreate it.

When you follow this path, there will be periods of perceived setbacks and stagnation where your masculine resolve will be tested. Conversely, there will also be periods where you will truly taste the momentum of your mounting success and feel like you are unstoppable.

It becomes impossible to look back after going down this path. It truly forces you to constantly improve yourself and to see the lies of the world and the inadequacies of others. Words can describe many aspects of the feeling that arises from taking this path, but they cannot fully describe it because your life experience is unique and separate from anyone else’s.

Self-discipline is critical when you follow this path. However, an element of hedonism can exist. Hedonism with women, for instance, is a beautiful thing that one can indulge in within reason. However, your mission to be the best man possible absolutely must be your primary goal.

The chances of you taking this path early in life are very low. Fortunately, with intervention, a desire to change, and will-power, this path can be initiated at any time. Many people don’t become red-pilled until they’re middle-aged or even older. Regardless of where you are in life, taking the road of masculinity and self-fulfillment will benefit you quickly and in the long run.

If you take this path, you will stand out in Western society. As you taste palpable success, you will become a target for envy and criticism. You must take this path unapologetically; do not make excuses or apologize for your success.


Most men reading this understand that the road of self-fulfilment and masculinity is the only road to go down. However, many men have elements of the former road still in their lives, even as they seek to follow to improve themselves as men. The key is to evaluate your life and unapologetically cut out the bullshit. You must focus almost entirely things that will improve yourself as a man.

Remember that just because you’ve made the mistakes from following the first road doesn’t mean you cannot correct them by going down the second. The first road is not even an option to any enlightened, self-respecting man. No man who visits Western Mastery or any like-minded website should still be following the first road. The road to self-fulfillment and masculinity is the only road to go down, and once you have gone down it, you will be unable to live the lifestyle you were previously living.

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4 thoughts on “Do You Take the Hedonistic Path of Self Destruction, or the Path of Self Fulfillment and Masculinity?

  1. Jnyx

    Perfect timing for this article, and a good one at that. I recently, having been “red pilled” for many years now, realized things weren’t optimal. I was drinking too much, losing sleep, and feared becoming the dreaded “old fat married dad” you see so often. I’ve ditched the booze, been lifting again and reading more. I haven’t felt better. I’m doing a piece on my blog called “Anti-Dad Bod to chronicle it.

    1. Western Mastery Post author

      I’m glad you appreciated the article Jnyx. Often times I feel like what I say is obvious, but it’s mostly because it’s become so ingrained into who I am that I don’t have to think about it twice. Of course, there are many other red-pill readers and writers who feel the same – but it depends on the level of understanding of the individual.

      I’m glad to see that you’ve made those life improvements. Part of taking the red pill is improving all the negatives in your life – not just acquiring some red pill wisdom and only making a few changes. You have to truly unleash the inner man, which is not always a comfortable process. Once you’ve gone through this journey it’s virtually impossible to go back.


    The paradox of hedonism , also called the pleasure paradox , refers to the practical difficulties encountered in the pursuit of pleasure . Unfortunately for the hedonist , constant pleasure-seeking may not yield the most actual pleasure or happiness in the long run—or even in the short run, when consciously pursuing pleasure interferes with experiencing it.

  3. Rugby11

    Thank you for this read… I see this a lot at Burning man event’t low level energy or high level energy is both available but can be used as a choice in what to experience.


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