Masterful Links #8 – Voice Training, Rules for Success, Globalism, Female Submission, Trump’s Persuasive Talents, and More

It’s Cinco De Mayo. Get a drink and read and watch some things that will make you a better man.

Cernovich Trolls White House Reporters – Cernovich trolls the Media about their inconsistencies and obvious bias to their face. The video is only a minute long and is definitely worth watching.

Why We Should Let Women Have Corporate America – Aaron Clarey absolutely tells it like it is about the state of the American workplace.

Why should any self-respecting man in-the-know willingly subject themselves to the bullshit of a corporate job? HR lawsuits, anti-male policies, PC bullshit, and so forth. Women have been telling themselves that joining the workplace is a great idea, while men are realizing how high the cards are stacked against them. So why not let the women have it, and let the whole thing go to hell?

If you’re in high school or college, there is no reason you should aim to have a corporate job. Logically, does it make sense to have a lifestyle based off on an income that you can lose overnight, surrounded by people who hate themselves? Learning entrepreneurial skills, relative minimalism, and staying debt-free are the most important. This article is an absolute must-read.

Submission – More great writing by Rollo Tomassi. This article is about women submitting themselves in a relationship. The act of female submission is an act of complete trust in an alpha male. Women want to submit themselves to a man, but they cannot hold a man’s hand during the process. There’s a lot of great insights in this article; I highly recommend giving it a read.

10 Things to Remember About Writing – A RoK article by Luke Stranahan that goes over ten practical tips for any aspiring or current writer.

Three Simple Voice Tweaks To Captivate Anyone – As the name implies, Charisma on Command goes over three voice tweaks to make your voice sound deeper, engaging, and more masculine.

Robert Greene’s Top 10 Rules for Success – Robert Greene, author of 48 Laws of Power, discusses his top ten rules for success. Perhaps what stands out the most is Rule #4 – shut out the distractions. There are so many distractions in the modern world; knowing how to shut them out effectively is one of the primary keys to getting real work done.

Using Persuasion to Create Assets Out of Nothing  – Scott Adams talks about Trump’s persuasive abilities and how he has been able to get shit done. His new statement about being honored to meet Kim Jung-un is another example of his ability to create a chip for negotiation out of nowhere.

Say what you want about Trump’s agenda; some of it I love, and some of it I disagree with entirely. But he is an extremely hard person to predict. Many of his motives are very well concealed, which is the third law of power according to the must-read book The 48 Laws of Power.

It is for this reason that Trump’s results must be judged over a longer course of time than to immediately believe that he is flip-flopping because he has made multiple contrary statements. Anyone paying attention knows that he is an incredible negotiator and persuader. The left generally want to believe the worst about him, but even too many on the right are making the mistake of taking everything he says literally.

The Ugly Truth About Justin Trudeau  – Stefan Molyneaux goes over Justin Trudeau’s lifestyle, his politics, refugees, and so forth. Definitely worth watching.

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