Why You Must Develop a Powerful Internal Locus of Control

A powerful internal locus of control is essential to taste any type of measurable success.

Your locus of control is the degree to which you believe you can influence events and outcomes of your life and the world around you. An internal locus of control means you believe that you have control over the outcomes of your life. On the opposite end, an external locus of control means that you believe outcomes of your life are largely out of your control. Note that this is not a black-and-white measurement; one can have a primarily internal locus of control that is partially external or any degree of the two.

Men must develop locus of control that is primarily internal. This should be ingrained into a man’s mindset, and it should come from personal success and the confidence that stems from it.

This means that you have a feeling that you have control over your environment, your life outcomes, and so forth. It also means that you take credit for your mistakes and failures, and you don’t attribute these failures to others.

If you believe these things, then you believe that you have a fundamental role in your own success. Psychologists routinely state that a high internal locus of control is linked to critical factors such as life success, less depression, job satisfaction, goal orientation, and so forth.

Why You Must Have an Internal Locus of Control

You must intrinsically believe that you have a fundamental ability to improve your situation in life and to alter circumstances around you. Men who believe this are more successful because they put their stock in the right place – themselves.

Success rarely occurs by accident. Those who have gotten the furthest in life are typically those who are the most practical, intelligent, strong, and tenacious. Almost all of these types of people have developed an internal locus of control.

Conversely, those with an external locus of control are very easy to spot when they make statements regarding their life attitude. They blame their failures on external events. They blame people’s general attitude toward them on others, instead of realizing the issues with their own behavior. They typically have low self-esteem and make excuses about why they can’t improve themselves. When you give them a logical reason why they can, in fact, do something to help themselves, they come back and find another excuse why they cannot.

There is absolutely no reason why a red-blooded man should act in such a self-loathing manner. Masculine, collected, powerful men know that many things that happen to them are in their control and that they have a strong influence over their environment if they choose to exert themselves.

Few powerful men believe that they had no say in their success. No highly successful man, from Donald Trump to Michael Jordan to Tom Brady, believes their success was outside of their hands – unless they believe so in part because they are religious. Even if that’s the case, their locus of control is primarily internal. This is because they have had to conquer countless trials in their lives in order to reach the pinnacle of success.

This is also true about men who are on the road to power and success. Countless successful men point out the fact that you must imagine yourself as successful in order to taste success. Only when you see yourself in this way will you perceive all of life’s events pushing you toward your ultimate goal.

Books such as Think and Grow Rich heavily emphasize this very point. The author, Napoleon Hill, clearly states that in order to become rich, you have to imagine yourself down the path to success before you even get there.

Mike Cernovich, author of Gorilla Mindset, consistently talks about the power of mindset for success. This is because a person’s mindset is like a computer’s operating system. If you don’t believe in your own success or if you will set your goals too low, you will aim significantly lower in life. As a result, you will not achieve nearly as much success. Cernovich started off as a Manosphere writer in 2011, and he achieved alternative-mainstream success by tenaciously pushing his brand forward and making himself relevant on a much larger scale.

How to Develop Your Locus of Control

You must internalize your internal locus of control through your own success.

You can begin by simply believing that you have control over your life and your response to external events, essentially “faking it until you make it” – but to truly internalize this thought process, you must taste success through tenacity and hard work. This success can come in many forms, whether it’s with women, athletics, business, and so forth.

The more success you attain, the more self-confidence you will internalize. This goes hand-in-hand with the development of an internal locus of control. It’s a simple relationship. As you become more successful, you will also demand more respect from yourself, which means you will demand more respect from other people.

Always aim upwards. Always look to become more successful, more rich, and more powerful. As you do all of this, your internal belief that you can control life’s events will grow and prosper.

How an Internal Locus of Control Fits Into Your Own Life

Again, you must understand that you have a lot of control over what happens into your life. Even though you cannot control everything that happens to you, you can control your response to the events around you.

Do you view self-improvement or reaching a new goal as undoable? Are you doing everything you possibly can to make yourself a better man? Unless you have truly been on the self-improvement train for some time, the chances are very high that you are not.

Take time to sit down and analyze. Write a brief journal post about your own beliefs, your goals, and what you are doing to achieve them. Autobiographical writing helps change the structure of the brain and helps you evaluate yourself to set your priorities straight and put old memories into context.

Do you believe that falling in love with a woman is a matter of luck and that it cannot be explained? Or do you believe that women respond to men of higher value, they must be weeded out properly, and that you must maximize your value to maximize your success?

If you’re poor, what have you done to make yourself richer? You must develop skills that people will find useful and that you can market. You must be honest about your strengths and weaknesses, realize what you have control over, and improve yourself and your skills to a point where you have marketable skills that will earn you some money. Take the time and effort to cut the bullshit out of your life to learn a real skill that will earn you real money in the long run. Especially in the age of the internet, you don’t need to go to the modern-day scam that is college to accomplish this.

If a social interaction does not go your way, consider what you could have done to make the outcome smoother for you. Socializing is a two-way street, so a poor interaction may have occurred primarily because of the person that you are interacting with, but is there something that you could have done differently? There most likely was. Remember, you can heavily influence but you cannot control a person’s behavior unless you are a supreme dictator or if you are pointing a gun at someone.

If you’ve been betrayed, you might have run into someone prone to stabbing others in the back. But did you do everything you could do to influence that person and to avoid that situation? Everything in life is a learning lesson. Think about what you could have done differently to alter the situation, and what you can do to avoid future betrayal.

Remember: the universe does not care about you. Life events are generally seen as “good” or “bad” – but it is up to the individual to take as much as they can from each event to turn them into a positive event. Those with an internal locus of control are the ones who turn “bad” events into positive learning experiences.

Your Locus Of Control Should Not Be Entirely Internal

Remember that a locus of control is not a black-and-white, zero-sum concept. Your locus of control should be primarily, but not entirely, internal. If you blame yourself for everything negative that happens to you, it will have a negative impact on your mindset. The key is to know that you have a strong influence on what happens in your life, but to still be realistic about what events in life you can’t control.

For example, your contempt for the people around you might, in fact, be primarily because of them. You might be in an environment (your job, your town) around people who don’t support your ideas or values. This is no reason to self-loathe. A man who is well-traveled, experienced, and who communicates with like-minded men can identify this situation more readily. Realize that you cannot control all of their behavior, but understand that you have control over your own life and your environment. You can make changes in your own life to put yourself around people that are more like-minded, positive, and share your goals and values.

Again, you cannot control everything that happens around you. However, you can control your response to any given event. You can be better prepared for a disaster, to be attacked in a fight, to persuade somebody who has something that you want, and you can use your sense to avoid bad situations.


Understand that having a powerful, primarily internal locus of control is essential for life success. While not everything can be controlled, your response to events can be altered for the better. Understand this, take pride in this powerful mindset, and utilize it to push yourself forward in life.

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