Four Reasons Why You Must Be Unapologetically Sexist

Politically correct American culture is obsessed with -isms. Racism, ageism, sexism, and whatever else you can attach an -ism too. As we all know, feminists are neurotically focused on sexism.

Let’s examine the definition of sexism. “Sexism” is defined as attitudes, conditions, or behaviors that promote stereotyping of social roles based off of gender.

God forbid.

The term “sexism” is a product of a society devastated by feminism and Cultural Marxism. We are intended to politely forget that men have penises, significantly more testosterone than women, different motives and preferences, a very different mating strategy, and so forth. This definition implies that it is wrong for a man to expect a woman to act like a woman.

But ironically, this definition of sexism explains exactly how men should act. Politically correct culture states that we are supposed to feel bad for treating women like women, and for identifying women’s characteristics for what they are.

This is absolute nonsense. No man should ever apologize for understanding reality about both genders and for treating women like women. This should be reflected in men’s words, actions, and their attitude.

If this attitude means that a man is “sexist,” then so be it. If you don’t act in a way that is considered “sexist” to feminists, then you are conforming to their inverted standards of behavior. Conforming to feminism is a huge no-no.

Let’s be clear: this is not a woman bashing article. One’s love for women is directly correlated to their contempt for feminism. Feminists attempt to paint it as an inverse correlation to push their immensely destructive agenda forward. This is one of the rules of the leftist playbook, Rules for Radicals, which states that one should accuse their opponent of exactly what they are doing.

If a feminist harpy reads this article and wants to label it as such because they have no actual argument, that is fine. It’s the same playbook they’ve used for decades. They attack like chihuahuas because they’re seeing more and more pushback against their destructive narrative.

With all of this said, let’s discuss why men should be unapologetically “sexist.”

1) You Must Operate In Reality

The world is sexist, racist, xenophobic, and a hell of a lot of other things.

Elections are won by targeting voters based off of race, gender, and many other categories. Citizens of various countries discriminate against foreigners in their country all of the time. Men and women are treated differently for various reasons in different situations. Racism has caused genocides and all sorts of other atrocities.

This is how the world is.

There is no reason to apologize for knowing the truth about the world. Men must know how the world works, operate within reality and be unapologetic about their judgments and actions. The same is true about knowing how women work.

Don’t be afraid to judge people, including women, for how they act. If you’re analyzing your own job, for instance, don’t just say “the people here suck.” Go into detail. Say, “This place sucks because the workplace is 80% women, and a third of them are crazy. In particular, the neuroticism of Melanie, Sheila, and Debbie makes it a toxic workplace once they are set off emotionally. Their emotions rub off onto many of the other girls here. Sandy has a tense attitude because she doesn’t have enough sex at home due to her obesity, laziness, and feminist values and it makes her obnoxious to deal with,” and so forth.

Seeing reality for what it is greater assists you in being more pragmatic and understanding people’s motives. This gives you more power because you can greater negotiate with people and greater understand their strengths and weaknesses.

This may sound obvious to some, but a politically correct culture can seep into your mindset if you allow it. In order to see things for what they are, you must be able to start by clearly defining what’s going on around you in your own mind. You must verbalize in order to analyze.

2) Women Respond to You Much More Favorably When You Do Not Take Them Seriously

Women are like children in the sense that they will instinctively test men’s boundaries and they will disrespect men who let them go too far. This is a simple fact of their nature. Some women are testier than others for various reasons.

Even if a woman has a higher position of authority than you in a given environment, allowing her to talk down to you will make her lose respect for you. No matter what their position is, women always need to know where they stand with you, and they will test you to see what they can get away with. If a woman can overthrow your frame, she will lose respect for you. Her emotions, neuroticism and attempt to control you will all come out.

This is especially true if a girl is poorly socialized and continuously presses on people’s boundaries until she sees strong pushback. If you continue to lose these tests to your frame, a woman’s disrespect for you will snowball until it explodes in your face.

A woman’s belief in “equality” or feminism is a test to your frame. Women who say that they believe in equality do so from a “higher” process of thinking. In other words, this process is learned, and it is done so through cultural indoctrination and socialization. However, emotions (especially strong ones) override all logical thinking; women act off of their emotions and rationalize their behavior afterward.

Men who laugh at women’s bullshit and don’t take them seriously fire up their mating emotions. Women become subservient to these types of men and treat them with much more respect. This is true whether the goal is sex, to get ahead in the female-loaded American workplace, or any other situation that may involve interaction with women.

3) Women Are Happier in Traditional Gender Roles

Feminism is a major cause of the depression epidemic.

25% of American women are on anti-depressants. This is an absolutely insane statistic!

This is largely because of a corrupt, constantly lobbying pharmaceutical industry, but it’s also because women become overweight and are indoctrinated into hating men. Despite women having increased economic freedom, as they gained power they have become less happy than men over the last several decades because their relationships have significantly declined.

Many women will privately admit that they are happier in traditional roles. This is particularly true of women who higher on the sexual market value (SMV) scale. People’s egos and opinions of the world are primarily based on the events in their own life and their own standing in the world. This is true of women as well, which is why hotter women are much more likely to reject feminism.

Men and women are supposed to be in caring relationships and to nurture each other. Feminism encourages the opposite. To them, traditional relationships where both parties are happy are “sexist.”

You are literally doing women a favor by treating them like women. You can see this in a woman’s joyful response to you treating them like women, even if their default temperament is to act like a man. Of course, you should not be sexually involved with this kind of woman, this is only a statement about interacting with them in your daily life.

It’s sad that this explanation is needed. Our ancestors knew many of the things that need to be taught to men today. It is only through decades of cultural poisoning that men need to be retaught what it is to be a man.

4) “Sexism” Makes You More Sexually Attractive

Hot girls love it when you’re “sexist.” They want you to treat them like women, not their equals. They want you to call them out on their bullshit, control their emotions, and be the leader in the relationship.

This has been discussed in the Manosphere extensively. Treat women like women. Only seriously date traditional, conservative women. Dominate them sexually. Be in control of your relationship. You will see the fruits of your effort in her general respect for you and in the bedroom.

“Equality” is a killer in the bedroom. When you hear a man say that they are for equality, even if they say that they are against feminism, you know that their sex life is lacking.


“Sexism” is a loaded word that is intended to shame men for encouraging traditional gender roles. Since this is a clearly stated goal of feminism, you should be what is defined as “sexist.” If you are called a sexist, you should laugh and understand that you are doing something right. Remove the negative connotation of “sexism” from your actions and live life on your own terms.

Remember: by being a “sexist” and encouraging traditional gender roles, you are making the world a better place.

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